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  1. So the forest was a great week-long game or so I missed like 2 trophies that I ridiculous but I'll probably Replay for them LOL and I feel like I'm about to finish Far Cry New Dawn which was a pleasant play through but I don't believe it has replayability pretty solid single player game though plenty of side quests to keep you going I'm about to power through the story Mission probably today. One aspect of Far Cry I do enjoy which is been lost in other games is there is no Max attributes, if you keep collecting stuff and keep grinding you can become a Powerhouse that they can't deal with, while still giving the enemies enough of a boost to not bore you, which I find quite enjoyable
  2. I just retired at 29 so my plan is fishing and Belize!
  3. I stole a train, rode it through towns killing lawman ...wilderness took the longest as it was rare to find people, then waited in wilderness for trophy, took two tried because I was tracking a legendary and bounty hunter s spawned immediately, on the third day of course! That was a screaming session! But just had to wait another 72 minutes.
  4. I kept the bars...Sold two as john (ultimately didn't even spend close as I couldn't payoff the debt anyway) then grabbed the 22k from gang. I found money to more of a price point keeper than useful...I also spent nearly 20I in bounties...this is clever but I don't feel it's helps gameplay.
  5. Fisherman, travelers and campers respond...learned this while hunting birds.
  6. I know I used this technique for SAME tomahawk but I think the first miss will generally turn them red
  7. Gotta add : the forest (true open world! Some realism dropped for open) Great game ! Love GoW too! I'm worried for the future...
  8. I use Facebook as created: to stay IN TOUCH with long ago buddies. Not follow them, not judge my life by THEIR pictures, not to shop. Not to read news( good joke), not to " voice" my opinion( I'm known for a rant or two lol)...best decision I've made in two years was to delete the app from my phone and keep messenger! My account has my bio...enough to get the recent snapshot of me that I decide...My mom is addicted so I unfollowed her and when she says "I'm sure you saw it on facebook ...!" My reply is it you don't TELL me I don't know. ..tagging is not telling! I like facebook, I hate it's use...did you know in the beginning you NEEDED a college email (had to confirm!) To register? Before social media existed, it was just for connections, because losing touch sucks...following people is generally frowned upon IN REAL LIFE( pretty creepy actually)...when did that stop being true!?
  9. Are you playing with no guides? After I finished dreamcatchers (with guide) I realized how wrong I was trying without (I think I found 2...)because researchers should be done as soon as you have free roam!!! I personally feel like it's too big and they are too little to complete without guides, same with graves...I did as much as I could without but I regretted that decision because I wish I had had those rewards all game
  10. I was super excited to find a wild mustang! Then highly disappointed....slower than a draft horse!?
  11. This took me awhile too. It doesn't say enemy and strangers don't always attack if you miss! I literally just walked up to a fisherman from across any river on a ridge, three it far to get my aim then thunked him! I kept trying to retreat but I found fisherman to be better.
  12. I have had this problem as well. I found that throwing is BETTER for ps 1...instead of snapping them in half; but PS 4 they don't snap as easy but I lost a L1 button against a wall! Now it's my wife's controller !
  13. Forest is the best game I've ever played,you should have answered my very first post with it. I immediately would have shut up !
  14. I invested like a solid week into this game,played it beat it, even tried online I just wasn't that impressed felt that it was just a knock off of Halo
  15. The old man above o'creagh's run is not part of the side quest, best way to deal with the Wolves is Deadeye and mark their faces with the targets, Le vieil homme au-dessus de la piste d’O'creagh ne fait pas partie de la quête secondaire, le meilleur moyen de traiter avec le Wolve est Deadeye et de marquer leurs visages des cibles Je ne sais pas parler francais toujours... Bon chance
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