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input lag in red dead redemption 2

MN32410 Red_&_Dead

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I´ve read know that the input lag in red dead redemption 2 is so wanted from the developer. But tests show that the lag comes not from the slower animations that the developer want the input lag comes from the software. The response of the controller is lower as on other titles.

Here is the link of the german magazine game pro.



For me the lag is frustrating, because the missions are long and has no real save function. When you close the game. You must began the mission from the beginning. Not all users can spend so much time, to start the mission again and again. I think the input lag is stronger on the XBox One as on the PS4 Pro. I have both versions. In some heavy situations my controller gave no response. This has nothing to do with reloading of my rifle or revolver. The control is going out of order. When I want hint arthur and I want go to survitude, Arthur will climb on hills, walls or trees.

Have anyone other this problem.

Is the input lag to high for you?

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4 minutes ago, DiamondDave said:

I have seen quite a number of people mentioned issues with lag. I have noticed it myself but never in terms of my controller response time being off. Have you addressed this issue with Rockstar themselves?

No I´ve written a lot of tickets for my ps4 pro version, because of the blurry graphics. No answer from the support. I wrote 5 tickets with videos and other pictures. Do you lool at the diagram of the link. The response is more bad as on uncharted the lost legacy and this game has bad responding times. It is a big problem in gunfights for me because of the blurry graphics too.

I will write a message to rockstar now.

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