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Horse fence price


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26 minutes ago, MJROu812 said:

I wouldn't think so....considering the fences are the black market? Personally I would not spend all that time raising bond levels for every horse you steal?

Yeah I just answered my own question, took me like an hour and a half to raise a level 1 arabian to a level 4, so not really worth the time... it actually does influence the price though. I went to go see how much the Arabian would cost at level 3 and it turned out to be $240. Level 4 was increased to $360. Good money, but not really worth dedicating your time to if you’re just gonna do nothing but bond with your horse. If anything, just steal a rare horse from the Saint Denis spot (if you see one), and ride around with it as you’re free roaming and doing things. If you think about it, you’re kind of making money as you go by increasing the horse bond. Then again, you might make more by just stealing more horses, which you can make up the honor by greeting 3 people.

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1 minute ago, MJROu812 said:

Not to mention there is gold bars scattered throughout the world.....at the midway of the game you will have more money then you will ever need?🤑

Yeah, I know that, but I’m the kind of guy that likes to rely on a... repeatable source of income rather than a one time thing. You feel me? 

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