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Fishing with Kieran glitched. Please help!


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Hi there Cowboys.  Hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction.  I'm in Chapter 3.  Kieran wants me to go fishing with him but every time I mount my horse, I immediately swing my leg over the horse's head and dismount and no matter what I do, I cannot stay on my horse.  I tried walking away from camp, whistling, and remounting there but it doesn't work either.  All other missions seem to work fine, just this one does not.  Anybody have any suggestions for me?

Thanks so much!


Cleo  :x

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Just now, ItsCleo said:

yep, I've  been experiencing this glitch for a few days Truth.  I've rebooted and shut down a few times 

Some people just turn off their console without completely exiting the game. I've found this causes some bugs here and there, so I always make the suggestion.

Can you remove the saddle?

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another tip that might help is clearing the game cache. 

Exit the game

Hold the xbox power button in till it powers off

wait 30 seconds

turn xbox back on

load game, after choosing profile, story mode etc, the screen goes black, hold down LB and RB then until you get the option to recalibrate the darkness and set the screen size.

Set those and play the game. 

That fixed my issue of having the first horse you buy from replacing whatever horse i was riding.

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1 minute ago, ItsCleo said:

I have PS4 but I can try that also.  Haven't played for a few days.  Real life getting in the way of my playtime.  Hopefully tonight!  Thanks again Kormath!


the holding LB/RB down is for the PS4, do that after the first splash screen, when it goes black.  That doesn't work on the Xbox, just have to exit the game and hard boot the console.

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