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*Spoiler* - About continuity of collectible/other strands

Tariq Alardah

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I will start my question with major spoiler for people did not completed the main story yet.




So, after Arthur dies, as John, could I continue with all uncompleted strands, like challenges, collectibles, exotic, hunting requests?

I am going to lose anything? or going to start from the beginning?


Noting that I am already in the begging of Chapter 6 now, and don't know if i should finish all the sides before continue in the main story line.

Thanks in advance for your highly appreciated answers.

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Yes they all continue after ch 6. There is a short period of time at the start of the Epilogue where you have to complete certain missions before you are free to explore again. 

But once you are, you have all the collectibles you had in ch 6. 

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