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Rumored Live Action Shoot Could Be Other Games


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While most signs in our recent story about a film crew shooting a live-action trailer for an upcoming video game point to that game being Red Dead Redemption 2, some alternate theories and views have since been put forward.

Being a fan-site dedicated to all things Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s only fair we that run through them too and try to make better sense of it all.


To recap, the crew was filming a scene where two cowboys fight in front of a 1900’s era church in rural Montana as part of a promotional trailer for an upcoming title that they could not name. They did, however, say that the game is a sequel to a well-established franchise, that it would take place in a fictional location called Hope County, and that it will be launching later this year – September, to be exact.

It would make sense for the game concerned to be Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a sequel, a Western, and slated to launch this Fall. However, several fans have put forward some theories that show it could be another game altogether.

The most common prevailing alternative view is that the title in question is actually an unannounced Far Cry spin-off from Ubisoft, taking the franchise into a new direction with a “modern Western” setting.

The rumors around a Western Far Cry game come from a single source. Someone allegedly met two people (with French accents no less) in a bar who claimed to work for a “major game company”. Said people then proceeded to reveal details about an upcoming game for which they were scouting locations.

That’s essentially it. Hardly solid evidence…


Thing is, while Red Dead Redemption 2 is an officially announced title, this alleged Western Far Cry game is nothing more than a rumor right now, coming from unverified sources. For all intents and purposes, it may not even exist. Red Dead Redemption 2, on the other hand, has been announced and even though there isn’t a lot of promotional material out in the wild, it’s already present in the collective consciousness.

A game that’s unannounced right now is also unlikely to launch in September as that would leave woefully little time for marketing. This might be conceivable in the Indie industry, but in AAA? Impossible. If the next alleged Far Cry title was a major installment, it would have already been announced with much fanfare. If it is a minor title, it would still already be announced, and it wouldn’t get a live-action trailer.

The tight window between now and September is far too short for the subject of this trailer shoot to be an unannounced title. If this is a game we already know about, and it has to be, then there really aren’t any choices other than Red Dead Redemption 2.

Some have suggested that a new Call of Juarez game might be in the works, for which the trailer is being made. But again, if Ubisoft goes the smaller download-only title route, we’d still already have heard something by now, and such a game wouldn’t warrant a live-action trailer.


Others still have said that live-action trailers just aren’t Rockstar’s style and that we should therefore disregard this Western promo shoot. While it may be true, companies change their profiles time and again. Five years have passed since the announcement of Grand Theft Auto 5, three since its launch. In that time, Rockstar might have adopted new marketing strategies, with live-action trailers among them. Versus the other indicators pointing towards Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s hard to write off the live-action trailer on this point alone.

Either way this story has been pretty divisive. But from where we stand, Red Dead Redemption 2 still seems to be the most likely candidate.

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Really don't know what to make of this one. There seems to be a lot of chatter about Far Cry 5 coming (and that being the game that the trailer was being filmed for) but as you say unlike Red Dead Red 2 that game isn't even announced or confirmed and is meant to have a release date in September. They are even more behind that Rockstar!

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