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Missing story missions


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One poster has noted that it depends upon choices made in earlier missions.  Can anyone confirm?

Does this mean you have make all honourable choices for first few missions?  Seems odd.

What if your group outvotes you anyway?

I got the way of the gunslinger, what did other's get?

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I did full honourable, ended after Fort Mercer.

I rerolled ( I didn't like the way my character looked ) and this time, I have run with folks who actually vote to be dishonourable (Woo!) so getting different missions. Will see if it goes further but my guess at this point would be that's the end of what is in this beta build.

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That makes much more sense - I thought it would be very odd to have only one set of choices be able to give 100%.

Yes, it seems more reasonable to assume they left us on a cliff hanger until after Beta :)


Did you go way of gunslinger, or was it something else - I cant tell whether I ended honourable or not because it was so mixed in my groups.

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