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Requests And Feedback For Online


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Actually, this is for requests as well as reporting bugs, exploits, etc.:


Fyi....  RDR2.org is not an official R* forum so anything discussed in this thread would simply fall on deaf ears as far as R* is concerned.

R* does however want to hear your feedback and have provided a site (located at the above link) to do that already.



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Just now, RickestRick said:

I’m very hyped for this. But I will say that’s I’ve heard terms like “pay to win” thrown around. If this is the case, it may severely impair the hype

A lot of things get thrown around including misinformation and assumptions.

Currently, there are no microtransactions but there will be.  However, they say they will be cosmetic based as you can see with some of the clothing and customization options already in the game that require "gold bars".  These "gold bars" will be what I am assuming people can buy to purchase such things.  They can also be earned in-game although so far it seems gold nuggets are what you mostly come across (100 gold nuggets = 1 gold bar).  I'm not expecting to earn enough gold bars in RDO to really buy anything but I guess we'll see how it goes.

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I'm not trying to discourage discussion but you appear to want to get you message to R* and I was just making it clear that RDR2.org is not an official channel that will lead to change.  .....which is why I provided the link.  I've submitted several suggestions myself.

There have been several folks who have mistaken this site as an official forum so I simply wanted to correct any misunderstanding if there was one.

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Allow players to create their own outfits and pieces of clothing by hunting like you could in story mode. 

Please bring blackjack and dominoes to online mode

Give us an equivalent to the gta v 'criminal mastermind challenge' for players to work towards

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