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I'm really glad this is a beta


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Auto aim only servers???? Where is free aim servers???

No way to stop other players from trolling you or killing you over and over besides you killing them????? That's a non solution. Passive mode was one of the only good things that was put in GTA online and it's not here???? Players online are assholes you can't make an online experience trusting that players are going to be responsible but no way of stopping them if they choose to ruin someone else's experience.

Team death match game modes are so casual I feel like I'm playing call of duty. Every match turns into enemies hiding behind objects then auto aiming on to an enemy and killing them in a half a second. You can even see where the enemies are on the minimap so it eliminates stealth gameplay and promotes people hiding and waiting for someone to expose themself even more.

Why rockstar games???? 





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Pretty much everything will be solved by time m8. Its fresh start of beta 😉 once trolls have bounty on their heads for killing you for no reason and people/law will hunt them down it will be OK. 

Btw you only see enemies on minimap for a certain period od time (when you character sees them physically/ when there is shooting etc.). They can hide behind or inside a building and u don't see them anymore.

Btw i think those deadmatches will be much better when people get other weapons like scope rifles/shotguns etc.

But after all classic deathmatch is only 1 mode out of like 10 others so. I really like that team deathmatch when you get points according to weapon used 1 for repeater/7 for tomahawk etc.)

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