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What else is happening during RDR2?


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Co-worker and I were discussing this, I thought it was pretty interesting.  Going off the timeline of RDR happening in 1911, and RDR2 about 12 years previous puts RDR2 in 1899.  Here's what else was happening in America, and around the world at the time.


  • William McKinley was president
  • Queens & Staten Island merge with NYC
  • Peace treaty from the Spanish-American war is ratified
  • Great Blizzard happened in February, practically destroying Florida's citrus industry
  • Mount Rainer National Park is established in Washington State
  • Harriman starts the Alaska Expedition
  • New Richmond, Wisconsin decimated by a tornado, 117 dead, over 200 others injured.
  • Henry Bliss is the first automotive fatality in September, in NYC.  Struck by an electic powered taxi, crushing his head and chest, as he exited a street car.  

Gunslinger and outlaw activity elsewhere in the wild west -

Unforunately some of the more famous outlaws and gunslingers were dead by this time.  But there were a few still raising hell along with Dutch's gang

  • Wild Bill Hickok 1837-1876
  • Billy the Kid 1859-1881
  • John Wesley Hardin 1853 - 1895
  • Wyatt Earp 1848-1929 - Earp was mostly retired and living in San Francisco at the time of RDR2, (OK Corral happened in 1881) he was mostly an investor, investing in mines in Idaho and Colorado, and a consultant for silent cowboy movies, he was hired as a bounty hunter by LAPD in 1910 as his last official police position
  • Butch Cassidy 1866 - 1908  -  Butch was still active during the time of RDR2.  He was imprissoned in 1894, and when he was released about 18 months later in 1896, he formed the Wild Bunch gang.  They robbed the Union Pacific Overland Flyer in Wyoming June 1899.  He tried to get Utah to give him amnesty when Utah became a state in 1896 but was declined.  He then robbed another Union Pacific train in 1900, also in Wyoming.  Butch then fled to South America in 1901, where he was believed to have robbed a bank in Argentina's Rio Gallegos.  His death is uncertain, following a shootout with three soldiers of the Bolivian Army and local law it's believed Butch shot his partner Longabaugh in the forehead to put him out of his misery (they had numerous gunshot wounds to the lower body) before shooting himself in the temple.
  • Doc Holliday 1851-1887
  • Kid Curry (Harvey Logan, a member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch) 1867 - 1904

Elsewhere in the world -

Australian colony leaders met to discuss creating a confederation and Canberra was named the capital of Australia.

Also in Australia, Cyclon Mahina landed in Queensland, killing over 300.

Boer War began in South Africa

Finland's resistance to Russian tsar rule starts

Terrorism (as we call it now) started in China, technically they're nationalists dubbed Boxers.  Slogan Protect the country and Destroy the foreigner was shown in many streets.  Majority were religious fanatics that feared the christian movement.  Chinese gov. backed them.

And, of course, it's the end of the 19th century.



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16 hours ago, CowBoii said:

It makes me wonder if you would continue the game with the same timeline but in another area in the US or even in the world. Pretty cool stuff here though. I knew a lot was going on but dang you did your research. 

I love history, was about the only thing i excelled at back in school,  that and sleeping in English class.  

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