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  1. If you haven't done the robbery mission yet, then wouldn't that imply it needs to be done to get to the fishing bit? I am somewhat confused here. Also, I think you want to avoid getting into trouble in the saloon but I could be wrong. Been awhile since I played the story.
  2. Are prefixes and option on this software? I mean if that is, that would help for people like this. I know some forums only have sections but having prefixes will allow people to ask a question or post something specific to xbox, playstation, or pc. I'm not bothered by how it functions now, I find everything easily and you mods do good work on making sure everything is where it belongs.
  3. I only just did one of these for the first time today and I don't know why I haven't done them sooner. Glad you mentioned about the goods vs materials cause I would have missed that as well.
  4. As mentioned, there should be a timer. Depending on the bounty, they will give you different times and it sits in the center of the screen at the top.
  5. I'll be pre-ordering it either tonight or Thursday when I get paid. Gotta check the funds. I was going to wait but since the special edition is $20 off right now, I'll end up with a better deal.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I guess it is worth just biting the bullet now then for it. You get more for your money this way.
  7. LOL I forgot about that. "So realistic". Did these people even look at the videos? What a bunch of morons. Now you are making me hope for some kind of sick horse action just for laughs. The internet is a cruel mistress. haha
  8. As far as function goes, I am not sure what they will change but I would imagine the graphics will be adjusted a bit and there will be exclusive content for PC by release if not, down the road some time. They need to get people to consider buying the same game again so it is worth having some changes being made to encourage this be it via free (or paid) custom DLC, graphics updates, special missions, and so on.
  9. The white looks really nice. Hard to really see the color depth on both guns cause it is night time but they both look good.
  10. So glad they did it. I mean it seemed like a logical move from a business stand point to put it on PC. GTA V had a good amount of success on PC. I know more people who still play the game on PC over console as well.
  11. It is bound to happen so I wouldn't let it hinder your purchase of the game. I am sure they will do what they can to at least keep it from getting out of hand.
  12. I haven't seen any information on this but it is too soon for them to talk about I think. Didn't GTA V allow this after the PC release? I could be wrong but I could have sworn they made this a thing later on. Either way, it would be a smart move to encourage people who bought the game on console to carry on playing on PC without losing any progress.
  13. Is this a temporary discount and the prices will shoot back up after the game is released? I mean I am going to end up spending $60 anyways so might be worth getting the special version now.
  14. I got a new Brindle coat and can't think of a name for it. Any suggestions? I am not too great with names and I want something funny or something really cool with a deep meaning to it.
  15. Don't bother with the candy. You kind of answered your own question there. It is useless. If you are going to buy anything, focus on only items that give you moderate+ perks to eating them. Avoid anything else. Not worth it.
  16. I'm saving mine. I don't think there is any reason to sell them yet. Once they start pumping out content, you will want in-game cash for it.
  17. I see the term thrown around a lot with this game and a few others I enjoy that are online multiplayer games. I want to know what individuals here consider griefing. I am asking this question because it would seem that some players are using the term to just express frustration over their own lack of skills in the game or just general players being better than them and getting the upper hand. I feel like on a dev's side of the fence, this has to be annoying to deal with. RDR2 is in open beta and they are accepting feedback as well. I would imagine they get bombed with people just being upset about someone else being better than them and they are mislabeling them as a griefer. The online communities and games I have been a part of consider the label a very bad thing so when you are labeled with it, you're basically labeled the worst kind of person in online gaming only second to being a hacker. I am not trying to say players on RDR2 are overreacting but this term doesn't seem to be being used right anymore. So give me some in-game scenarios (within RDR2 Online) where you would consider someone a griefer and where you wouldn't consider them a griefer.
  18. I took a month off from the game and it was a nice refresher. Find another game you can enjoy for a bit and come back. It isn't like Rockstar is going anywhere or abandoning the game.
  19. I have done worse testing weapons out. Maybe not worse but... I used other players as target practice since I was short on time and didn't feel like running to a big game location. Sometimes I'd get away with it... Other times, I would end up with like 5+ dudes after me.
  20. If they are not doing anything that violates the rules, you are going to have to block them and hop to a new server like mentioned. If you feel they are playing unjustly, then report them to Rockstar. There isn't much else we could suggest here.
  21. I played WoW for a few years. I did a lot of "grinding" on there to level up characters. Do you know what happened? I leveled them up and got completely burned out on the game to the point where I never played it again. I have no desire to go back either. I play RDR2 online a lot different. I take my time, I do only things I enjoy, and if I get some extras along the way, cool. Nothing wrong with putting in the work to hit a high level but just basic grinding isn't for me anymore.
  22. CowBoii


    Sometimes I get killed by other players and they either show up wrong on the map or not at all. Almost always lower leveled players. I don't think this is any kind of player issued thing, it just happens. If you believe it to be an issue of players abusing a glitch, like Kean said, let Rockstar know.
  23. In the US, you can write off donations and not be taxed on them. Not sure what US companies donated, but keep that in mind. lol Glad no one got hurt in this fire. I don't know much about it other than what my sister has told me. I don't want to see the footage. I have a thing for old architecture and hate to see it being destroyed.
  24. I would like to see some kind of expansion here. I am aware that carrying too much and being targeted by other players is a risk but when you are on a slow server and want to hunt and grind, it would be far more convenient for a horse to be able to carry more.
  25. Might have encountered a glitch worth mentioning to Rockstar so it doesn't happen to other people. Just tell them what you told us and report back with what they said. Maybe they will give you a solution you can share for other people having the same issue. I have not reached lvl 99 but if it does happen to me, I will report it as well.
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