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What's up with the camps?


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I've had this happen several times, asked to move it to heartlands, and it moves it to tall trees or something else still kinda far away. My guess is it does this because that session has used up all the locations for a camp in that area, too many people camped there. It does suck having it charge you when it moves to the wrong spot, especially when you try a couple times in a row. I'm sure a lot of people have submitted this to Rockstar already.

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The whole camp thing feels like it's been tacked on so R* can monetise another thing online. I think I've only been to my camp once since I started playing, and I'm level 30 now. 

I really don't see a point in it at all. I would actually prefer the way Arthur can set up a camp in the wilderness... Hell, the had it in RDR, for Pete's sake, so they really should either bring an individual campsite online, or make it worth people's time and money to upgrade the camp and spend time there. 

I want a dog.. 

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