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  1. Been awhile since I've been on here, just got back into RDO after taking a break for Division 2... The close range blips dont bother me too much, but ya, they could definitely be improved. Glad they're not on the main map anymore so griefers have a harder time finding people. My buddy and I were hunting yesterday, filling a wagon and a posse rides up on us. They couldnt find me, but killed him so he parlayed with them. They stuck around for a while, waiting for the time on parlay to run out, I guess, so my buddy did something he discovered... when in parlay with someone, you can still kill them with a machete. Didnt see how, but I think he had to crouch down for it to work. Guess they got annoyed that he was killing them but they could touch him, so they left the session. Seems to work on posse members when protected by friendly fire as well, as he tested it on me later.
  2. Ah cool, don't fast travel too often, usually pretty broke, so didn't see that option. Tend to pick my next item to buy, and as soon as I get enough, I go buy it. Keep a large supply of ammo in the camp lockbox/post office since buying it from the matchmaking screen probably makes you lose the extra ammo. Yea, sounds like it's just a gun rush update, and not even a real one. Sounds like they made some minor tweaks to it and it's not even something permanent.
  3. I've more or less shelved this game for a bit, Steam had a huge sale for some titles I was interested in but never bought this past weekend, so playing those right now. I'll come back soon enough, just taking a bit of a break while there's nothing new that interests me. I haven't reached the necessary rank for it, but have been wondering if you can fast travel TO your camp when you unlock it. Would make it so it wouldn't matter to me where it's set up.
  4. If you're looking to start anew and play from start to finish as disreputable, now would be the time while online is still in its infancy. It'll probably be a few more weeks before we get any kind of substantial content update. If you're not in a rush to unlock everything online, there's no need to power level. That's why I just play a little here and there while theres nothing new, only 46 right now online.
  5. There is a cave hidden behind a waterfall west of Van Horn, and it has the space for a delorean in it. I've been keeping an eye and ear out for BttF references since the game released. Haven't come across any, but still have a lot to explore.
  6. I haven't had that happen since beta launched, tho there were tons of player's horses standing around instead back then. I'm seeing people report that NPCs, wagons, animals, etc. occasionally wont spawn for them still. Seems like that should be a priority bug for R* to fix. I'm sure they're well aware of it, but more people reporting through official channels could only help, even if marginally
  7. Like the posse name and the artwork. Would love to see more of the artwork.
  8. You and a couple others keep talking about it, and despite it's flaws, I loved TD, and now I just have to preorder TD2 for PC. Switched back to PC gaming a while back for various reasons, only playing RDR2 on xbox simply cuz it's not on PC (yet) and already had an xbone. Plus, when I made said switch, GTAO had many, many more hackers and griefers than xbox, so dont imagine RDO would be any different if they released it for PC. Also seeing a lot of people complaining that R* released Gun Rush while many other things remain broken and whatnot. More than likely, Gun Rush was already finished and in the code when the beta launched. Pretty sure there was a leak about a battle royale mode prior to beta, and Gun Rush has those parameters that were leaked. Much easier to give access to something already completed than to rewrite the code for bug fixes, reworks and such, so they released it just so that there was something new for people to sink their teeth into. I am a little upset about the beta going for another few months, but it is what it is. I was throwing dynamite and molotovs trying to kill the prisoner on the back of someone's horse once, but it was because they were just riding around slowly, not going to the objective, just wasting everyone's time... another form of griefing, simply wasting a lot of people's time by dragging things out
  9. I've had it several times since launch where I couldn't dismount, usually just after starting a mission. Whenever this happened, my guy also kept pulling his rifle out and I couldn't bring up my weapon wheel. IF that's what's happening to you, I've had it fixed by jumping with my horse, then it let's me dismount and bring up the weapon wheel.
  10. They seem to still be having all kinds of issues with the economy and interacting with certain(maybe all, at times) NPCs, which seem to have gotten worse after this Gun Rush update. Just these past days, I noticed that the rewards for story missions are messed up, had a run where we did it quick and without any deaths, and the reward was something like $0.42. Even when the highest payout was less than $10, I never got paid so little, even when we messed up and had to restart like a dozen times.
  11. I only played for about an hour since the update, went to a few shops, and did a couple story missions. During that time, one of the attempts on the Fort Wallace mission, at the start, I whistled for my horse and it started to run away. It stopped after a bit, I got on and it wouldn't move at all. Looked like the other players had the same problem because we all got off and just went on foot. Then after clearing the outside, one of us planted the dynamite on the door, but no matter how many times we shot it, it would not detonate, and we could not light it. I even have a video of myself standing and shooting the dynamite from point blank with a shotgun to no effect. I just chucked all my dynamite over the wall and quit for the night. Didn't feel like reporting at the time, but if it happens again next time I play, I definitely will report.
  12. I get that with quick launched story missions, too. I usually just do another one until I get close enough to ride back to where I was.
  13. AFAIK, right now there is no actual penalty. After being killed by someone several times (I forget the number, its like 3 or 5 times) you can parlay with them, and that makes it so they can't attack you for a while (10 minutes from what I hear). I haven't had to use the system yet myself, haven't been killed more than once or twice by any one griefer. Rockstar just announced today some anti-griefing measures they expect to release soon, which include making the griefer's blip on the map stand out from farther away (once they make blips proximity-based, not map-wide), a bounty system that sends bounty hunters after them, and 1-2 other things, forget what right now. But none of them really sound like they'll stop griefing altogether, just discourage some of the griefers (probably only like 1% of them will think whatever get's put in place is not worth the effort).
  14. "How do you kill that which has no life!?" One of my favorite episodes, due to having no life of my own at the time and playing WoW like 18 hours a day every day back then. RDO game still has a pulse, it's just very weak. Seems like the majority of players (on here, at least) are playing a lot less, if at all anymore, due to the lack of content. I've somewhat lost interest, but still hop on every now and then for a little while. Nowhere near as much as when the Beta first rolled out, and even further still from the amount some others have been playing (looking at those people 100+ already). And ya, they announced that the beta will continue for another few months, probably just trickling out all the new content they have planned. People will keep coming back, then leaving again after a bit.
  15. Don't care much about the new PvP mode, does sound a lot like a battle royale. Haven't been all that into PvP last few years or so, tho I will occasionally hop in a match for something or other. This update does get me my Arabian finally, it's been more than 30 days for the PS early access, so I guess R* isn't big on being on time with things like that. Daily challenges should be good, probably cash and xp rewards for those, so slight increase in income and XP/hr. Guess they listened to everyone about how the blips should work, cuz that sounds a lot like what everyone has been suggesting. Never had to use the parley system so not sure what kind of change that is. Sounds like they have the anti-griefing measures they want to implement figured out, just making adjustments. Once those are out, I'll most likely spend more time in freeroam than I do now. Not all that happy about Beta lasting a few more months, but as long as we get a steady release of new content (maybe something new out of what was already leaked and such each week), it shouldn't be too bad.
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