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Billy Midnight Pistol


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Long story short - I did the gunslinger mission "Billy Midnight" in Rhodes. Got to the part where I had to duel him on the track but kept dying a few times, so I kept restarting the checkpoint. Finally killed him and picked up his dropped pistol. However, because I kept restarting, my horse spawned on the train (I read online this was happening to alot of players). When I jumped off the moving train, the horse somehow died and I couldn't revive it.

Thinking the horse is more important than the pistol, I reloaded my most recent save. Sadly, the last save was after I killed "Billy Midnight" and I re-spawned with the horse alive. But the unique pistol is gone?? Not on my horse or in the gunsmiths.

Have I lost this gun forever now? Any answers would be appreciated.

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It's difficult to say.  The gun is a one-time pickup, so it's a very real possibility that you lost the pistol in a save you didn't intend to load.  Unless you're in the habit of manually saving your game often, the game will only auto-save after events that affect progress, and we don't know what that save actually saved.

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