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The Creeds


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Hello there,


The Creeds are a semi-roleplaying posse looking for some fellow prospects to join the family. Currently, we have myself (Alyster Creed)...my son (Alyster Jr) ...my cousin (Robert Lee Creed) and other cousin (Easton Creed). Basicly our entire posse consists of fellow members of the Creed family. We are not exactly law abiding but we keep to ourselves. UNLESS the sh*t HITS THE FAN.

A Creed needs to be able to handle their own in a fight. Just kinda a family tradition.

A Creed doesn't pick the fight, a Creed ends the fight.

When a Creed is outnumbered, the Creeds outnumber. (Or sum such bullsh*t)

We do a great deal of hunting for money.

Sometimes we like to just take things slow and a slow trot to objectives far away (let the griefers come to us if you know what I mean)

A Creed needs to know when to fire the 1st shot, we try to avoid that at all costs but when the time comes-youll see it.

We like to hold up at camp and have ourselves a cookout-mostly big game meat-I eat grizzly myself-puts hair on your nuggets.

We try to keep ourselves organized- get some good photos of the family-go Ginseng Hunting

We work together to overcome challenges (Like serious in-game kinda challenges)

We try to keep a clean mouth when my boy is out here with us- normally just Sunday and Tuesday nights

We try to get some work done at least a few hours each day-gotta stay active to be on top of things.

If we do have to kill- we split the loot evenly-count out the bodies as you loot.

It never hurt to give your family members a 3 star buck carcus(specially if you aint got room for it on your nag).

A Creed needs to have a good understanding of how things work already. I hate repeatin myself 20 times cuz you got no beans in your can.

If this sounds good to you, you can marry my cousin Wendy...and we'll make you family too.


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