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Let's talk about Take Two Interactive


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To quell any confusion this is not a post about RDR2 On-line or Story, though both are very briefly mentioned .... It is about Take Two interactive and it's gleaned relationship with R*

Take Two interactive is quite a phenomenon presently in the price it's shares have been acquiring, though it lost 14.9% of it's value last month (October 2018) ... It's end fiscal year projection 2019 is that shares will pay a hugely increased dividend , indeed a market hack writes of Take Two Interactive share price  "Analysts currently expect the company to grow adjusted earnings per share by 49% year over year, to $4.99 for fiscal 2019"  ....  Personally as someone who has been much in the money market business all my adult life, it seems somewhat fortuitous that the share priced dropped alarmingly just before a new RDR came live... At which point Take Two Interactive bought back $308 million of their own share stock in that same period.... Very fortunate one would have to say........ Considering Zelnick has also just been made  Chairman of CBS Corp along with his Take Two day job ..... It seems his Feng Shui practitioner is the one to have in your office.

If you're further interested in all the labyrinthine machinations of Take Two Interactive then please, feel free to look at the internet .....  I'm not a tour guide.

Ultimately R* is a subsidiary of Take Two Interactive , ultimately then Dan Houser of R* has a boss, as he has had all the way through from being the part time CD ROM tester  for  BMG Interactive  to being the man at R* .....  Having a boss is much different to pleasing share holders, whilst one might wish to hit figure $X, there are many ways to achieve that... However if you have a boss... Ultimately it is his or her way or the highway.

When one looks at RDR2 with it's beautifully honed story after years of work, then an on-line seemingly worked out on the back of a cigarette packet down the bar one lunchtime, one has to really wonder if this is Dan Houser living up to his 2011 statement that [paraphrase] "We do not follow the herd, we make games we want to play ourselves at R*"... ? ... Surely one has to wonder if RDR2 O/L is really the game which he wanted to play?  The gamers main view is that for many reasons the on-line game is broken, #1 problem, the economy..... So R* update and make the economy better ... then the latest 1.05 patch, makes it worse again.... Errrm? It's almost like someone has said "No, no; we want those micro sales!"

In the early 2000's I was well acquainted with a person who was a major manager in a world wide entertainment business..... This organisation set it's prices in a fairly usual way ... You start off cheap.... then you increase, increase, increase, increase the prices, until the revenue starts to fall.... Then you stabilise the prices and watch.... Then if sales are stagnant or falling, only then do you, with much fanfare, ever so slightly lower prices... then watch. One continues this process until you find the place of ultimate consumers spend for your product .... This company started at having it's customers open their wallets every 12 minutes whilst on site... brought it down slowly to 5 minutes...then settled for 7 minutes.... Still some 3 minutes better than they had projected at the outset.

Now all this in my twisted little mind starts to look like situations I have seen before ..... Maybe the talent has had enough... Whilst they have all the money they could possibly want, all the fame, what they do not have is a clear space without someone saying ... "Yes I see your point but do this first, then we'll see" ... As if the talent is a child.

The further up one goes the ladder the less pragmatism at the coal face matters, it is all down to the income generated ... This is a flawed outlook in artistic endeavours, IMO. It always kills the golden goose.

So maybe when the boss man says ... "Do this! " Instead of arguing the point the talent says "Sure... no problem" Knowing the result will be bad, very bad. So that maybe the talent can then acquire the company or far more likely, start their own... Being seen as a white knight by the punters.... "I was made to do it!! But now I am the man and it will never happen here at SuperGoodBoy Enterprises!!"

If you think this craziness and school yard garbage does not go on between very rich people... think again.

A salutary lesson was given to those in business by Mercedes Benz in the late 1990's, a marque with a reputation for solidity and quality built then over around 100 years. They were at the top of their game in the 60's to early 90's ... If one  ever saw 240d Mercedes taxi's in the middle east in that period, then you know they were indestructible cars! 

However by the late 1990's a new Mercedes Benz board decided they need more profits ... So more sales? No, the sector was saturated  and they could not raise the price either...... Less staff to lower wages? No .... What then? They decided, genuinely, to make their same cars but using inferior parts and metals..... Then still sell them for the same price.... seemingly thinking that "The punters will never notice!"

Oh but they did .... Subsequently Mercedes lost the one thing which you truly cannot buy... customer trust... and with it huge amounts of market share.

Mercedes has never been properly trusted again by many and I put myself in that as an ex-Mercedes 'never to return' driver.

Personally I think something big or indeed seismic is happening behind the scenes at R*/Take Two Interactive .... Time will tell.











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I never gave it this much thought to be honest. Like it is a bad mindset to focus primarily making as much money as you can on consumers but that is business and it happens everywhere, not just with gaming devs.  As long as it is a good platform and not a play to win game, I am fine with it. 

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