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Little PollyPoo


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I have a plan, are you with me? Let's RIDE! Yee who!

As I was riding on my horse
I shot a skunk
Of course, of course
Pocketed some scented glands
My god, where can I wash my hands!

Over there in that thar creek
I'm feeling dressed quite unique
Polka dots and a straw boater
Still a croc snapped my neck
Now nite folk floater

Respawned like you do
So whistled for my horse
Ran towards its facing bum
She was having a poo, of course, of course.

Little Polly PooPants


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First time my horse pooed when I was standing there I squealed... I still don't know if it was disgust or excitement that he could do that!

I use my "What's that smell?" emote on my horse more than I use it on other people...

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