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  1. I've mostly been playing solo since day 1 because I love to get immersed in the world while listening to podcasts, and I imagine my endless podcast background noise would be very annoying to others over the mic. Plus I'm fairly new to online gaming (although have been gaming for decades) so haven't got into my online stride yet.
  2. Ah, cheers Ozy. Dunno how I missed J Stone in my searches. I've subscribed now and will watch a couple after this post. And yes, hopefully I'll be on tonight to join in the fun and grind. Trouble is I've just finished fixing and setting up a laptop for a near-blind friend and he's on his way bearing drinks as payment. It's only 11:30am! And I still have a mild hangover from yesterdays rum...and me, a man of sobriety! 🧐 It seems a lot of my friends like to turn up with drink lately. There's a few who have long since ceased to game but have been blown away by RDO. And I've not really mentioned story mode yet!!! Their heads will fall off. But that exploit, Chris. Looks all sorts of crazy, don't it! Shame we can't craft acid, it'd look like that scene from Indiana Jones. Ouch!
  3. Oops, I managed to miss yous all last night. I saw you come on at 3pm EST (8pm GMT) but I had a few people turn up at mine and lots of drinking rum happened so I correctly assumed my posse-concentration powers would be severely diminished. Friday nights sometimes take on a life of their own Irregardless of all that, I hope yous all made a few aminals extinct and ground up a lot of XP. Slightly off-topic. I dunno if you or the posses follow Outlaw Gary on YouTube? I found his latest upload very interesting. Basically, there's a place on an island where if you die you spawn at the exact same location. So if you can get a couple of posses to stand still at this spot a designated murderer or two can repeatedly and creatively kill them racking up lots of XP and achievement awards. Check it out, looks like a bit of mad fun and a bit of a change from the usual YouTube tricks and tips:
  4. Ahhh, yes Kean, that all makes sense now.
  5. Cheers Kean. And how did I miss your thread cos I checked to see what had been written about it. I blame a head-cold and general laziness
  6. Just as my PS4 was refusing to recognize discs rendering my RDO unplayable I heard on YouTube there's been an update. That's typical, I thought, an update whilst I'm lost in the wilderness. But it turned out to be 25% off certain tonics which wasn't too exciting as I never buy them. My broken PS4 left me with some time to think. Are they doing this to encourage people over to PvP because there are no decent updates on the way for many months and we're complaining of boredom? "Then try PvP, that'll keep ya busy!" One major gripe I've heard against PvP is that you have to use up your own resources and us free-roam grinders are a tight pocketed bunch. So maybe those cheap drugs will lure us in, lol. Or are they planning to spring an epic new PvE that'll knock our hats off and leave us running to the docs for some medicine? Probably the former if either of them. Or most likely neither, I'm a simple man and find R* unfathomable. It could be they're just gathering data on what items people would buy at this reduced price, for future economy tweaks. It's certain though, that they did it for a reason. Hmmmmm! PS I'm back on the saddle after downloading a copy...so up yours PS4 disc-reader! What next, a corrupted hard-drive?
  7. That's what I'm aiming towards, explosive and incendiary ammo. They're unlocked so now just raising the cash. I think my Never Without One needs upping to tier 3 too. So yeah, catch yous all soon, looking forward to it. C'mon teams Avenger n Guns! Let's kill a squirrel or two!
  8. Same here, I love just trotting from a to b, shooting any animal that moves on the way to a stranger mission. Even when YouTube was groaning about the griefers I never really saw them as too much of a problem as there's always somewhere quiet you can go if need be. And anyway, it's good to be attacked every now and then, keeps things lively and lets you test your ability load-outs. When you FR me make sure it's the correct Mary W. Most people end up friending another MaryW. Hers has a ladybird icon while mine, also a beetle, doesn't have spots and has extended mouth-parts.
  9. Superb news (for me, anyway). I deleted my old disc-installed RDR2 (cos the drive has stopped recognizing discs) and instead downloaded another copy from the PS4 store. My fear was that I'd lose my old online character and those level 87 stats but, joy and dancing ensues, my character was there waiting for me in the rain outside of Blackwater. The extra download cost me £50 but if I sell the disc copy at CEX they'll give me £35 for it. I might as well get rid of Mass Effect: Andromeda, The South Park Fractured But Whole and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided while I'm there. Might recoup the whole £50. :D Anyway, Chris. I'm up for some Posse grinding (that really doesn't sound right!!!) so hit me up and let's ride!
  10. That's some good XP. I'll let you know here how the download goes
  11. I know!!! What a pain! 🙃 I'm seriously thinking of downloading it for £50 (special edition like my game-disc) and hoping it doesn't wipe my level 87 character. 🤢🤮
  12. Cheers Chris. It's the laser I think.
  13. I bought RDR2 on disc (because I wanted the maps) but now my PS4 won't recognise any discs. Here's my question. If I I were to buy RDR2 again but this time as a download from the PS4 Store would I still retain my online character and stats. Plus I assume I'd need to delete my old install too? Any help would be welcome.
  14. She's on the wagon at the moment!
  15. A smunch furrtive ******************* I saw a little cat about a minute ago Meeow meeow Meeow meeow meeow She looked a total cutey so I had to follow Meeow meeow Meeow meeow meeow Looking at me from the top of the stairs Look left, Look right We got goosepimple hairs Meeow meeow Meeow meeow meeow Took it one paw further asked how do you do? I'm known round here as Polly Poo. Spent a bright day circling the sink And if you get in close you can see her yawns stink The buttons on her hairy feet Near her spikey spikey toes Zactly the same same pink That colours up her dainty nose Meeow meeow Meeow meeow meeow Don't know how to end this Without seeming wierd She's the prettiest face with fleas in her beard Might treat her if she's in luck Fill her with meat, Whisker's Chicken and Duck! Meeow Meeow Meeow meeow meeow Like all rock and roll songs She died in a crash A mother****ing spaceship and a sh*t load of hash She had the brakes on, they were tight to the wheels Said, hey baby, this is one of lifes deals. KABOOM So I got a new cat. X
  16. True. These online ones won't give you the time of day. Mine would sit behind my specs if her fat arse didn't bump my forehead. (Not true, Polly, don't know why I said it. Stop looking at me like that!!!) They're guarding the granary, mouse pouncing.
  17. That camp thing is frustrating. It'd be nice to have a stable base you could tart up, even if it moved a few miles every now and then depending on server and map requirements. But this random shifting is crap. Cripes, Mr. Cripps. You gettin the sack Cos you is the pits. One thing I'd like them to improve is storing things on your horse. Cantering from stranger mission to stranger mission and shooting everything on sight, the way it's set up makes storing pelts pointless.
  18. Virtual = my reality. What's the diff. Give us a shnugg little beauty. I know you don't like it until special trust but come here. Purrrrr. Want a lickle slice of couger meat, hmmm. Yesh, yesh you do. I'll have to try that, make squinty eyes and drop off a carcass, start a kitty war
  19. Yeah, it's only happened the once but definitely made my online day. Shame some silly s*d rushed in and shot me before I could get some crazy photos. I wanted to make my horse leap onto the piano, maybe let it become a bartender.
  20. Polly spawned inside the pub and if that wasn't a dream come true I could order and drink a beer horseback. Yeah, Cossacks, leaping from horse to horse shooting arrows! What you got? ;) I got a whiskey horse lock-in.
  21. Also, Syrens, if you left press the d-pad while in-game and then select Stables>Owned Horses you can find out what's what from there.
  22. Love the name. Did you go for plaits? I only discovered the holding down the L3 thing the other day and I've been playing the damn game since day 1. I wonder what else I don't know ;)
  23. I have a Superior Arabian Horse-chestnut Female, called Polly, and it's usually quite a flighty little s*d but during an On The Hunt mission I noticed that even though the three wolves were banging into my horse I wasn't being thrown. It was after I killed them I realised I was holding down L3 the entire time. So, when you approach your prey press L3 a couple of times to ensure your horse is already calm and then when the shooting starts keep it (L3) held down and you should be fine. I'm unsure if this works for big cats or grizzlies but it has worked a number of times with black bears, wolves and the flying spaghetti monster... ...I lied about that last one Does this work for you? I'll be testing it on all large prey later so catch yous all later
  24. You could open drawers but they were empty. The keys you can pick up but they aren't stored on you or your horse. I placed dynamite on the large safe but it remained locked. All in all empty apart from the ghost jail-cell keys.
  25. It's open all the time. Has it always been that way? Heeheee, I've been playing too long, my memory is nerfed!
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