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Cavalry Dagger disappeared


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Howdy, I found the Cavalry Dagger which replaces your hunting knife in the inventory.

After saving and quitting the game, subsequently loading it up has seen the Dagger disappear from my inventory.

I have just started Chapter 4, maybe I wasn't supposed to have found it yet (as I haven't got all the "collectables" quests yet) - has this happened to anyone else?

Bug, or part of the game mechanics?

Thanks for any info, I have submitted a ticket to Rockstar, but then thought... maybe it's not a bug, I'm just only able to access it after unlocking a certain quest/collectables series.


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I was stuck on this too but its not a glitch and very easily fixed. 

Go to your weapon wheel and bring up your knife. While the knife is highlighted use your depad to click either left or right and it should be there. So instead of using the trigger buttons to bring up melee weapons use the depad to cycle through them. Took me awhile to figure it out too.

When you pick up other melee weapons in future do the same to cycle through them

Hope this helps 

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Thank you for the help mister!  

For everyone else: select the knife/lantern slot on the weapon wheel - with hunting knife selected, click left/right which will cycle through available alternatives.

I tip my hat to you for your help.


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