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  1. Calling all Lone Wolves out on the Frontier to join forces and be part of the pack. Join The Red Wolves Outlaws today and become the feared and not the frightened. "We shoot fellers as need shootin, Save fellers as need savin and feed fellers as need feedin" To find out more about us, and what we're about, check us out on either Facebook at Red Wolves Central, youtube (Red Wolves Gaming) , steam (Red Wolves Gaming) or Discord (need an invite but add me at Ryanosaurus#0400 to get one) and feel free to private message me for an invite to this Gang. We are setting up once more but this time on PC thanks to Rockstar bringing it over! United or Destroyed. What will you become?
  2. Names Ryanosaurus. My Posse and me like to live by Dutchs words "we shoot fellers as need shootin, save fellers as need savin and feed fellers as need feedin". Hope to see yall out on the frontier at some point and if you're looking for a Gang to join we're always lookin for folk.
  3. Think about GTA 5. Took Rockstar two years after initial release to bring the game to PC. It came out for consoles September 2013 and came to PC April 2015. Could easily be two years before we see a PC version of the game but I see no reason why they wouldn't do it
  4. If you havn't looked up the Doom soundtrack or even played Doom you are doing life wrong
  5. When I joined a friends game and my base got completely covered by earth again that was the last straw for me.
  6. I always end up changing this list after going back and replaying old games but for now it would have to be... 1. The Witcher 3 2. Bioshock Infinite 3. Red Dead Redemption So many other titles would be on par with these but those three for now are the ones id share
  7. Hopefully it works at @GMak81. If not try a hard reset on your console. I've had some issues with the game such as mission locks online etc and Rockstar Support (after contacting them) said that a hard reset would fix the issue and it did
  8. So most people know by now that to access some missions online that its honour based but there is very little indication that that is the case. ALSO to replay some of the missions you need to have that same honour level or else take a chance and hopefully get access to the mission in quick join. Whats peoples thoughts on the whole Honour based access to missions/progression?
  9. @Archer I'm with you on this one. I love being able to swap out outfits when I can. Id love to be able to hold AT LEAST 5 so I could have one for most sections of the map if you get me. I've noticed an issue with a lot of the clothing items however, such as the bandana going through my players face when I wear it which is a shame. Theres a lot of work to be done in online yet before I can see Rockstar bringing about such feature but hopefully somewhere down the line!
  10. For me daytime is the only time they attack me. Usually find a guy hanging from a tree and they just charge at me all silently and psychotically from there. Its unnerving how quiet they are though. Its gotten to the point now that if I see a poor Ba****d hanging I just keep on riding.
  11. I was stuck on this too but its not a glitch and very easily fixed. Go to your weapon wheel and bring up your knife. While the knife is highlighted use your depad to click either left or right and it should be there. So instead of using the trigger buttons to bring up melee weapons use the depad to cycle through them. Took me awhile to figure it out too. When you pick up other melee weapons in future do the same to cycle through them Hope this helps
  12. Maybe they'll finally get it to "snow" instead of just rain in Ambarino. Weather online up there is ****** atm. Even better add snow to more places on the map so wearing warm clothes is viable.
  13. Wouldn't you think it would be a case you just use the dollar currency to buy in instead of using the gold bars?
  14. I'm pretty sure the Hanging dog Ranch respawns a gang there after completion. Not 100% sure but you could check it out. There are also a few spots in New Austin like Twin Rocks that spawn Del Lobo gang members. Both would be considered "gang hideouts"
  15. Thats amazing. Any good locations you could recommend @madfretter ?
  16. I noticed in tumble weed theres a poker table upstairs with chairs around it. I mean to me anyways it looks just like a proper poker setup so I would imagine it will be introduced. It was in Red Dead Redemption so I cant see why they wouldn't do it for the 2nd one. Still early days yet
  17. Thats brilliant. Sadly i've met all the strangers but will it still put me into a solo lobby? Anything in particular I should be hunting or is it just a kill everything that moves and sell it type deal?
  18. Whats your favourite Boah/Gurl and why?
  19. Horse hit a rock going 21956KmH and it launched me further into the sky than a giant in Skyrim. Another time I got bucked off by the same horse as a wolf pack attacked me. Was thrown off the horse beside a tree and when the wolf went to bite me it spun me around and put me into the tree. The wolves couldnt attack me then and I couldnt leave the tree. You could say I was "truly one with nature"
  20. Varmint or Bolt Action Rifle. For me it took time to get used to the Bolt Action but its doing me wonders in fending off griefers in online
  21. Any suggestions would be great. So far i've been replaying missions and not making near enough
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