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  1. I get anxiety from games that have a point so I'm gonna play some NMS.
  2. I prefer Xbox controllers. For consoles I tend to switch back and forth. I don't see a point in owning both as I'm not really a big gamer and don't have excess funds. Right now I have a PS4 Pro.
  3. Mine blinks that running the cursor over that area. Glitch in my assumption.
  4. Game stole the Scofield Revolver back. I got lit, then I went and bough another one. Made it all gold and stuff.
  5. Bloodrayne 2 is best game ever. I could go into detail but everybody would be like "Eeew." Best game ever whilst playing is a more appropriate declaration in my view, a tradition started with Fallout 4, then Horizon Zero Dawn, then this thing.
  6. Got a lot of guff wearing that bear hat in Strawberry.
  7. I thought some stranger missions don't respawn. Do those as soon as you see them.
  8. Well that sucks. I just got it then immediately took a break to watch more Stoopidnatural. And trinkets are automatic I think, only seen talismans equippable from the wardrobe.
  9. Sure would be nice if Rockstar toned down the attitudes in camp. Gets tiring to be harassed for "not contributing." I hardly go there much - maybe that's their complaint.
  10. Seeing as how I did not quote you and neither are you the OP, yeah; you're lost.
  11. I don't give a flying squirrel about spoilers. My take is that "sensitive to spoiler" people have no business on the internet.
  12. If ol' Artie's being mauled, he'll whip out the knife automagically. I've been able to manually use the knife by equipping it and hitting O (B on Xbone). Wolves, though? Kick them fools. Get 'em off of you with a kick, then shoot 'em in the face with the trusty sawn-off.
  13. Springfield rifle with short scope solves a lot of hunting issues (medium to large). Also the buck trinket to add a star to all pelts. That's what I'm about to do, hunt that buck.
  14. As mentioned above, hunt the legendary buck; get a trinket made. Adds a star to all pelts. The purist way would be to study animals through binoculars. Once known, the tips will mention what weapon yields the best results. I've done the second part, doing the first is on today's agenda.
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