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Should there beplatform-spefic subsets, e.g. PC, PS4, XBox?

Major Dammidge

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3 hours ago, Major Dammidge said:

I have read PlayStation folks who used controller commands that I can't seem to locate or discover the capability on the Xbox one

For that, you'd need a modded controller with macro features. You can program macros into them so you can perform a string of actions at the press of a single button.  Many online games ban players who use these, not sure if Rockstar would.  For example, you could program a single button to dodge, target where you're looking with auto aim, and shoot all with a single press of said button.  Not sure if you can program the movement of the reticle up to someone's head, as it would vary depending on distance, so that may not be a very effective macro in this game, but I'm sure there's plenty of others that would still be useful.  Sometimes people just appear faster because of these, it's just programming making up for their lack of skill.  Imo, it's not much different from a bot, you essentially just have human input making adjustments and initiating commands. 

It's different when a game has a built-in macro feature, because it's part of the game and if you don't use it, you're at a disadvantage.  Those games have restrictions built in on what kind of macros you can use though, so it's regulated that way.

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Most members state which console they are on to the side under their avatar. Silly me, I never went back and set mine up lol I have to do that.

If you want a console specific answer, just say so in the thread title. Easy peasy. If there is an option for prefixes though, that can be something that may help. 

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