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The Valentine Massacre


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So earlier on today I was casually strolling through Valentine, on my way to the butcher's, when suddenly I was downed by a headshot out of nowhere. What greeted me when I came around was four different posse's, one of which was a seven man, all shooting at anything that moved. 

Naturally, this riled me a little, and four respawns later, I was beginning to get a scope of the Battlefield. What followed next was about an hour and a half of intense warfare, and I absolutely loved it. 

Not having to worry about shooting allies, I was like a man possessed, taking on droves of red dots, and actually holding my own. As time went on, people started leaving, until it was me Vs a three-man platoon, who could've easily defeated me had they only worked together. Time after time they at me,one after the other, until all but the leaderof the Posse had Parley'd me. We fought for about fifteen minutes after that, exchanging kills, until all of a sudden, the gunfire stopped. I received a message from said Posse leader congratulating meon how well I had done, and just as quickly as it started, it was all over. 

What could've been considered griefing, managed to be turned around to having tremendous fun. Don't get me wrong, I won't be looking to start anything like this again any time soon, but it made my Monday morning  a wee bit brighter knowing that I hung in there when the odds were stacked against me. :)

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