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What would be some nice add-ons or changes that is required.


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HI Peeps.

I feel that the honour system is under utilized and so much more can be done to enhance the online experience. IOW if a player/posse is maxed to completely dishonourable a bounty with a good cash reward can be paced on their head at the sheriffs office for other players to hunt.

Revenge killing should add honour to the meter for the first kill only, and then only negative for the 2nd kill.

Your thoughts

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As stated before on the forum - the honour system could be used alongside with situational awareness on the map. This would link in with the bounty story you mentioned.

Dishonourable players will be more easily seen on the map and indeed a small bounty depending on the amount of dishonour should be a thing to consider. I would say a maximum of 5 USD for max dishonour and when you get killed the bounty disappears until you raise attention negatively again or have a timer of 30 minutes before the bounty applies again. This is difficult however as I see potential boosting and such or loopholes in abusing this. I assume that that is the reason why Rockstar has not yet implemented such a thing.

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15 hours ago, Euphoric77 said:

Dishonourable players will be more easily seen on the map

This seems fair to me. Like I expect them to allow us to play as we wish but when people are going out of their way to do nothing but kill other players, they should be punished in some way and this makes them fair game to everyone else, including other trolls and griefers. 

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