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  1. If we look at RDO realistically, the game being played in a completely different setting and thus attracting a more "mature" crowd compared to GTAO the major thing I feel that the game just sincerely lacks the basics of a real MMO from the start and this will not change. In my opinion a lot of the more mature players want to play real missions (dungeons) in co-op mode , want a bit of PVP, but foremost they want to feel like their character is part of a real world in the Wild West, with a dynamic economy and building your fortune in a bit more sophisticated way (or mature) compared to GTAO. In essence I think a lot of people would love Elder Scrolls Online in the Wild West setting. Have trading guilds / Hunting / Gold miners etcetera. However these basic interplayer in depth game aspects are just not there from the start by Rockstar design. The setup is too similar to GTAO and in the end will cacter to the GTAO crowd which will be vastly less invested in RDO longer term due the limits the setting brings compared to the modern GTAO setting. I fear this is the error in Rockstar's thought process regarding RDO or indeed it is just regarded as a time passer for a new episode of GTAO in future time. The game looks great and is fun at times, but the path Rockstar takes catering to the correct target audience seems off to me. In my opinion it should have gone the Elder Scrolls Online way to become a succes (with monthly subscribed+ content if the player wants). I haven't touched RDO after the update, mainly because the added content did not cater to me and still doesn't plus I bought Anthem and have the Divison 2 lined up. I most likely will check mainly on the forum regarding new updates around the game, but it is going to be difficult to get my attention back along with the 20+ players I played daily with. If I look at the online people now I see perhaps 2 of them still playing RDO. I truly hope Rockstar will put efforts into great future content updates, I'd like to return to it once it actually becomes a mature environment that feels like a dynamic world. To all the people ranting on about patience and attention span of nowadays gamers, please stop. The game industry has become greedy and lazy and are 20000% money driven in stead of truly building a dedicated playerbase. All major titles have been rushed the last 2 years and are full of bugs and lack content. Please stop pretending this is a normal thing. Games have become more expensive and provide less and less content or aren't balanced out properly due to rushing the game. In essence people pay more for buggy and rushed content, no wonder gamers all over the world complain more and more, it is justified to do so (to a certain degree of course).
  2. That one time someone called a 4 month old daily playable game a beta....
  3. Haven't started the game yet with the new update. It's hilarious to read they nerfed the economy again , very cool to see that they did not mention a single time they would do this. It shows they don't care for another shitstorm of fan reactions. After reading this , not too sure whether I will start the game again.
  4. Hi, you cannot sit inside these tents. I know 100% sure for the traveling opulence one. I know 90% sure for the military one.
  5. This is the Traveling Opulence Biggest tent : The Military surplus has basically the same look, just white canvas in stead of the dark greenish of above. The inside is a bit different as well, but in general both themes have a similar tent look. Perhaps someone else can post a pic of the military one as I hardly ever go to my camp.
  6. Wait until the new update as a shotgun will be added then. Do you need one? Not really, very situational advantages to a shotgun, on the other hand if you play RDO semi dedicated it is easy to just get all guns
  7. Not really impressed either. Fishing challenges and new items sound ok, all the other stuff is more of the same and all PVP related. Hopefully the anti griefing mechanics work out for people. I for one am hoping that at least improvements will be made to the bugs and several glitches will be addressed as well. I just do not understand these software companies, a gazillion PVP games out there, let our fanbase not get the feeling we focus on PVE / MMO like content. Let's just alter the current game modes a bit and label it new content. On a positve note, perhaps I actually will like 1 of the new PVP modes and change my mind, although I sincerely doubt it. TLDR : Minimal "deeper" content will be added, no word on day1 bug fixes, not getting my hopes up for this and the wait for the next real update will be too long.
  8. In our experience we set it on about 30 minutes. If you die add 5 more minutes and with 2 team lives lost add 10 minutes. General mission payout for a posse member is 0.32 to 0.34 gold, 750 to 1100 xp (kill xp not counted) and in between 50 to 70 USD. A posse leader gets a bit more. Depending on the spawnrate and quality of animals you can get around 60 to 120 USD selling your hunted prey. This seems to me one of the most efficient ways to grind all of the needed commodities in RDO. 3 missions (approx 1hr 45 minutes) netts 1 goldbar , around 4500 xp and around 450 USD, give or take. The same can be done with the tumbleweed mission for honourable posse leaders although for me it feels less lucrative. If the hat fits can only be started by dishounarable posse leaders.
  9. There is a slight chance in some missions that people are trying to keep the mission going in order to maximize grinding. Although in the example you mention I doubt it. The Fort Mercer mission is a good grinder and it might have been that the 2 dropping out wanted to do the mission with just 2 but couldn't get you and the other one to leave by kick system.
  10. Well in all honesty, this update will not help to keep RDO populated unless the part stated with FIXES & MORE also means a bit of new content. As the first few months and at the moment still - the griefing issue is a mjor thing and addressing this issue will alleviate some part of the playerbase, there is simply the issue of the game getting boring for quite a few players. Yesterday I bought the last theme for camp I did not have, all cards/ 5 horses / 8 saddles / all guns / all pamphlets are done. As of today I will start to grind for a potential update with new content and to get a few vanity items left and right, but when I reach a certain threshold of ingame gold and USD I will just move on. In the playerbase I am playing with I see less and less players coming online already and most of these players just grinded the essentials (not like I must have as much as possible mindset I am "still" having). In short people are getting bored with the content currently present and the repetition involving efficient grinding, as there aren't many ways to do this (getting gold usd and xp in 1 go). Also lately stranger missions are more glitchy again and even gang hideouts seem to mess up more and more, but this might be just my personal experience. The above increased boredom is leading to more free roam PVP / Griefing, which is substantially fueled with the ridiculous explosive ammo which nullifies the little skill already involved in gunfights to an absolute 0. The guy shooting first wins. I truly do hope that Rockstar comes with a bit more than the mentioned update, otherwise RDO will lean solo on the fanbase that is prepared to get back in it when new content is released. That group will be significantly lower compared to the current playerbase.
  11. Yes you can. Besides some fun flying targets moments, the sabotage of rival posse missions and killing hiding players would be the main purpose for the dynamite arrows.
  12. Will be hitting 160 in the next few days and will report whether I got rewards or not.
  13. Fair enough, I know I have been guilty of calling someone a *ick or somethign else for shooting me in the face during an animation a few times. I personally think that most have playing this game. Reporting someone would be my last thing to do and things must have been very very bad then. To each it's own standard I guess
  14. It shows the gold in goldbars and the numbers behind are the nuggets (cents if you will). This is a perfect example about the widely used term "griefing" and hence many discussions that are on this and many other forums by a lot of people. A player assassination mission is not by any means griefing. It is a game element intended by Rockstar to have a hunt and shootout. It gives fair warning to the hunted and you can easily survive this 90% of the time. The issue lies after the mission and the emotions of players to keep engaging for revenge. Yet this is also in the game and has limits (parley and worst case switching servers). To some griefing would be considered riding past a player without shooting and then boom your dead by a headshot. I do not consider this griefing, it's just a weak move. To me griefing is more related to getting killed without a single chance to fight back, getting out of cutscenes or animations etcetera. Also being hunted by a group of players over and over after making it obvious by actions or chat that enough is enough or constant verbal abuse along with it. Most of the above issues would disappear with the auto aim removed for everyone and some tweaks by Rockstar (like not losing your loot when you or your horse get killed). In short : Griefing is defined differently by everyone and therefore diffcult to balance.
  15. With all due respect - the game intends rival online players to sabotage your missions - the attacker gets rewards for it. Furthermore a player playing and a rival mission pops up on screen will not check your level before he decides to attack you. Naturally he will have more protection against a shotty, but there are plenty of low levels that still can win from high level players in this game. Again agreed the higher level player has some advantages abilitycardwise and ammowise, but headshots are headshots. In regards to the banning and mailing someone or saying stuff in gameschat to the other, I believe we are all guilty of it. In my opinion that is just a part of emotion that pops up and I believe everyone is quilty of it at some time (myself included), however reporting people for something like this is a bit over the top. Ther might be instances when it is justified, don't get me wrong, but e.g. in the case you describe I think it is uncalled for, but I don't know exactly what happened so cannot judge. And indeed although I haven't seen a lvl200+ myself there are a lot of players who play frequently that are well over lvl 100. I am lvl 144 now and most of my posse members are in between lvl 90 and 160. Most of the dedicated players have stopped grinding XP efficiently and are more focused on gold grinding and buckles as there are no real rewards for levelling above lvl 100 (besides treasure maps every 5 lvls). Doing stranger missions solo is just not a good idea, getting people to join or joining a posse yourselves should not be that hard. That is my opinion though.
  16. As outlined in several posts before there is a thin line between actual PVP and "griefing". To me personally getting Free aim servers is the best solution for the PVE crowd. This will indeed significantly reduce the real griefing moments like insta kill on respawn and / the cutscene pop outs. It will in most cases also diminuish the times a player gets killed when fishing / skinning as long as the fisherman/hunter has decent situational awareness. Naturally Rockstar could also implement that you will not lose any hunted pelts and carcasses to cater a bit more to the PVE playerbase. Although I agree that there should be certain repercussions in other situations I again think some people use the term griefing too quickly and others use it not quickly enough. I see it in the posses I run as well. Escorting a coach - everyone is marked red dot. I give them the benefit of the doubt and 1 out of 5 times it costs me my life. Other posse members do not take that chance and shoot 1st. In either situation a sh*tshow follows. Now this part you could indeed fix with the toggle timer Bropollo suggested. I am however not sure this will work on servers in most situations. A possible solution might be that if player A kills player B 3 times the game makes player A go to Auto aim for 15 minutes when shooting at player B. For other encounters the auto aim applies until above situation arises again. Other "fixes" should be more honor related and the weightfactor it has on your gameplay. This would mean making it very expensive to gain honor and not by hunting and horsecaring for an hour. What kind of mechanics honor would involve could be open to suggestions, like single player make store prices much higher for "bad honor guys" and make it very difficult to enter populated areas without getting the law after you and restrict xp gain from that. However this will also be very , very difficult to balance as it is not per se the "griefing" and just as much the "outlaw" community that gets punished. Perhaps loss of honor by repeatedly killing the same players gets weighed more importantly. The thing is - balancing all of the above will be not 100% airtight and will cause a lot of new complaints. Which brings me back to my first point, Free Aim Servers should be the best spot for people wanting to have the improved PVE experience. You cannot have it all I am afraid as I can only see new issues arise with most of the balancing possibilities a developer has. However I do hope that Rockstar will provide some sort of repercussion system to the players that keep on attacking everyone at sight. Just dying and respawning does not help against players with the mindset to kill. Let's hope that Rockstar introduces free aim servers and hopefully finds ingenious ways to balance "griefing" without too much interference to the current gameplay.
  17. I cannot retrace the exact issue you are having, however the lvl1 horse bonding reset error is still in the game. This means that even when you have lvl4 bonding with the horse it resets you to lvl 1. When you visit a stable or basically re-log or after finishing a mission it then sets you back to the correct bonding again. This might have happened in the time you were playing although I haven't noticed that you were not awarded the points for riding etcetera during levelling the horse bonding. I assume it will work itselves out for you and you will just lvl up.
  18. I bought the special offer and 1 time the max gold bar for 100 Euros. I get all the non- spenders thoughts and ideologies, but basically i can justify the spending to myself as both singleplayer and online have given me 250 hours of gameplay until now. Spent it mainly on camp things (different looks / fast travel and Cripps, the black arabian, and some clothing options and 2 pamphlets. I am not really too bothered by the whole MTX in RDO as for now it is mainly cosmetics and spending does not really give you an edge compared to other players.
  19. Although I agree with the topic that lonewolf might be the way to MVP (as there aren't that many team based modes so you are on your own anyway), If at this point I would still be lonewolfing, I wouldn't be playing this game anymore. You are missing out on a lot of fun and also "getting to know" people through the game (partychat). It might not be what you are after, but running around solo gets boring way more quickly compared to a posse with frequently returning players. The only times I go solo is when I grind the hunting grounds for in game currency, for the rest I am always in a 4 to 7 posse. The griefing is more or less the same solo or posse mode, difference being that certain players in posse can start fights without your influence. In any case most serious players focus on efficient grinding (be it xp / gb / usd) and mix it up a bit with fun stuff. Naturally this depends on finding the right posse members. Playing with a posse enhances my gamefun compared to solo play.
  20. The warhorses are your option for these situations.
  21. I have experienced this several times as well and I can only attribute it to some kind of server lag or a player tempering with his internet (lag switch or so). None of the players I could not lock on to had slippery bastard ability equipped , I checked. Yet I had this happen several times so I can only logically think that it must be lag - related (be it intentional or not).
  22. If you have a posse with friends that are willing to help you out a strategy could be : - join posse who are doing stranger missions during there online play - combine rooftop shooting in Saint Denis and bird and alligator hunting (with occassional hideout cleaning) This way you get paid the gold / xp / USD from the Posse activities and you are levelling or grinding XP and USD doing your own thing. This is naturally very depending on whether you have friends that want to help you level up quickly and how efficient you do the hunting and shooting (buckle resets mainly).
  23. I actually learned shooting from the hip and better headshotting by using the ladder, so that point is void. It is also perfectly legit, just boring and not profitable moneywise, hence I haven't done it that much after I took some lessons from it. You can turn off the auto aim if you want to so if you feel restricted by auto aim the solution is in the control settings. Naturally you won't because you are at a disadvantage then, but it is possible to turn off. I hear the term griefed or being griefed pass here again. Don't think anyone is griefing anyone here. OP is shooting cops, causing disturbance in town, other online players more or less roleplay and assist in removing the disturbance. People throw the word griefing in RDO around way too easy.
  24. People will compare RDO with GTA simply because it the basics and the feel of the game are very similar. All the people here on the forum stating to be patient and in a sense defending the slow pace or lack of content adding by Rockstar need to realise that : 1. RDO is a completely different setting with less options to expand the game compared to GTA . 2. RDO is currently having a lot of GTA players playing it due to loyalty/ being the new Rockstar title I can understand people on forums for a specific game being more loyal and patient with the development of the online part, but please consider the fact that most of the player's attention spans will quickly shift to other games especially for a game like RDO which operates in a set timeframe with limited options (for Rockstar to add things they can make money on). This means that Rockstar really needs to startt acting faster as a) loyalty and attention of players will shift pretty quickly back to other more complete games or even back to GTA and B) March and April will bring a lot of games that will shift the current playerbase to other games like Anthem / TD2 / Days Gone and more. Other titles like e.g. BFV is developing more quickly to a better game as well at the moment. You shouldn't underestimate this shift of players. Naturally fans of RDO will keep playing and yes you will have a recurring group of players returning to RDO at updates and so on, but what made GTA online such a succes is the mass appeal of the game. With the RDO setting and new titles coming and a large proportion of the playerbase already cringing for new content and "beta fixes" I do not feel as Rockstar has the time it had with GTA to get the game right and to be able to earn a good amount on the online part as they did with GTA. It is another thing entirely that Rockstar has not really improved the gamestate in the 2 months at all - for which a beta period is used. A lot of bugs and errors they are very aware of have not been dealt with. I have never played a beta wherein I have seen as little improvements to basics as this......
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