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  1. Yes. I was talking about public session. Since all business need to be in public.
  2. Im sorry for your bad experience, as I'm also the victim too. To be truth from what i learned in gta online, reporting player hostile is not what we expected. The reason for reporting is to list down which player is hostile. As in gta, rockstar will pick anyone from this list to spawn in our solo session, exactly when we start selling cargo. hardly to say that is coincidence, because happen all the time. I assume same system is apply in RDO. Those player wont be punished, as the game itself encourages them to do so. Most of time i just set myself to defensive mode. Not because I'm scare with them, but i just want my gaming time is worth to spend after working. Rather than having bad headaches with them.
  3. I try to relocate my camp, but failed because cant relocate while camp in use. God damnit, there must be some random player enjoying free beer or cooking at campfire. Since i cant relocate, i had to riding back to camp to check. Upon arrive, i slowly move towards camp to check on player position. but there is nobody in camp. Which is weird, since i still cant relocate the camp. Then i walk to camp & find out that homeless dude sitting at campfire is the reason of all my problem with relocate camp. Hahaha he received punishment by blowing up his head for making that trouble. 😂😂😂
  4. "Clearing path" 😂😂 Yes. Exactly. don't understand what they are thinking. i was fishing alone & suddenly get killed from this group. I respawn & pull out my dynamite arrow & shoot the wagon. Then realized they were delivering wagon mission. Well, that is what they get for messing up for no reason.
  5. I think red blip include those player doing camp sale. They change back into blue after delivered the wagon. But, I'm not 100% sure. Later I'll do experiment about this🤓
  6. There were a glitch , player can shoot us while inside camp. Happen to me too. I dont even see player blip surrounding me. So, either he invisible or shoot from far distance.
  7. I did contact rockstar about banned from poker, providing them my current location. They reply it is unavailable for my region(not country). Dont understand why in-game money cant be use to play poker. But in astonishing twist, i am able to access all gambling in gta online casino. While the game allowed to use real money to buy chips for gambling.
  8. Update for partial solve my problem. Link for submit ticket without login https://support.rockstargames.com/categories/200013106?step=dae70f6c Socialclub 》 can't login 》 2-step verification 》fill the form ●email addresses for login ●psn id ●description I still waiting for reply from rockstar. but most likely wont have any problem with it. Thanks to all for help
  9. 🐴Storm Area 51 after buy that horse, i look around me to get some idea for name. & realized that day is the event at area 51 supposedly happen. hahaha.
  10. Just sharing some tips, unrelated but useful If your horse injured behind enemy's line, far away or you are inaccessible to go revive, open menu》stable 》set another horse as default. Now you can whistle that new horse. (This method only works if you have another horse in stable)
  11. Thank you for replying. how did you contact rockstar to remove it? So, login into SC from pc wont require two-step?
  12. Hahaha....🤦‍♂️why i never think about this. Thank you..!
  13. I did setup those 2-step verification for socialclub login. While I'm enjoying those money & gold from setup that sh*t, unknowingly the worst is yet to happen. After i lost my phone, i can't access socialclub account because authentication app is installed in that phone. I did reinstall the same app on new phone, but socialclub login still refer to old app. "Forgot password" wont do anything because still requires that verification app. I post this, to share some thought & hope anyone has some idea to work around this. Note - no need to reply "submit ticket to rockstar" because still requires login into account to do that.
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