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  1. I've tried several variants, at the end whats works best for me is: In free roam: - Double sawed off - Lancaster Repeater - Carcano Rifle or Bow with all type of arrows In PvP: - Double sawed off - Semi auto shotgun - Lancaster Repeater In my opinion, double sawed off + semi auto shotgun is the deadliest combination in close combat. It is very personal because it fits my play style but it is very effective anyway. Just need to be careful with ammunition.
  2. Exactly! Thanks for your details, mine was also the one on the top of the tunnel. Glad to hear R* is aware 💃
  3. Alright, good to know then, thanks. I did not contact them yet, but I will. I cannot believe this happenned to only the 3 of us...
  4. Thanks for the feedback, maybe this issue is exclusive to Xbox!
  5. Hi there, Two of my friends and me had the bad surprise of not getting any reward in the treasure chest of lvl 160. I've found the treasure as usual, but when i opnened it i could only "close it", without getting anything. It is the first time ever this happened, same for my friends. I did not unlock the next ones yet but my friends told me they got reward on treasure 165 and 170. Did something similar happenned to any of you ?? The location of this treasure map was near Valentine. Anyway do not expect RDO$ and Gold in this one!!!
  6. Yep last week i played few PvP games against a lvl 346.... The crazy thing is the guy was not that good (Ok he was in the top 1/3 ranking in each game but he never won). Unfortunately I don't remember his GT. A part from this one i saw few players lvl +200 as well, but its pretty unsual
  7. I mainly play in posse, i'm lucky to have a nice group of friends IRL, we gather nearly everyday in game. We are at least 4 playing at the same time (the 4 who play the most, including me), and 3 other friends playing a bit less. 3 of us are above level 150 and others near lvl100. Sometimes we also like to separate and live our own life, mainly for hunting/fishing. Personaly i like both playing style. It's more fun in group but on the other side you are more "under pressure" being a lonewolf (in the good way). If we play in posse we do mainly PvP showdown, some mission, we try plenty of stuff in free roam, we love to find good spot and fistfight between us thanks to "gang internal conflict" (for example we often steal a train and go on a tall bridge, then fight on the edge of emptyness, lot of fun!). We are a friendly posse with strangers, unless people are looking for trouble, in that case we respond with explosive arrows but it happen very rarely.
  8. Ok i got your point, interesting approach to look after quantity rather than quality. I will try it and see how it works! The only thing that discourage me is I noticed that the more pelts you have to sell, the more issue you will get with it. I generally don't have problem if i keep only 2-3 skins max from each animal, and no more than 10 skins in total (so if i encounter an animal which isn't perfect, i don't hunt or cut it. I keep only the perfect ones). Fully agree about Condors in New Austin, i like to go there as well. My favourite area for birds remain north of St Denis, there are plenty of exotic birds that have different feathers, then you can stock a lot. Carcasses are ok as well, for example 4$ each for a roseite spoonbill, and you can bring 2x on your hose. Obviously, Guarma is also a perfect place to hunt exotic birds, and they seems to spawn everywhere with superior numbers. By the way If someone is interested in going back there (yes in Online), just ask me
  9. Sorry guys but butcher issues are here since Day 1.... The "good news" is R* already improved it few times (from what we noticed with my friends). When they released the beta, nearly all pelts were disapearing at the butcher, now it seems to concern only few of them (boar/sheep/deer mainly). All meats, feathers and carcasses are working well now. I would advise you to principally hunt birds while R* is fixing the remaining butcher issues, it's the most lucrative way of hunting, from my point, and there no risk of loosing it. You can quickly and easily earn +100$ each time you go hunting birds, especially with exotic feathers (1,50$ to 1,95$ per feather, depending on the bird) and with varmint riffle you get most of the time 3 feathers on each bird. It goes fast.
  10. Starded on day 4, now lvl 118. I reached lvl 100 very quickly thanks to PvP (it took me around 3 weeks, playing 2h daily nearly everyday + weekends). I rushed first the showdown mode to train myself and because i did not found another way of making 1000 to +1500Xp per game while earning nice amounts of RDO$.... (games are only 7min duration, so it goes very fast) And obviously it's fun Now i'm fully equiped (weapons/horse/cards/nearly all pamphlets) and turned myself more into exploration mode, lot of fishing/hunting, roaming, trips to Guarma etc. Still doing some PvP when my friends are playing it, that's a good thing anyway because we need to save money for future content!!! Soon, i hope
  11. I never met ghost/cheater in RDO yet, maybe i'm lucky But for sure YodaMan is right: Some ability cards can gives you huge defensive advantage. Personnaly, i mixed "Slow and Steady III" (less general dammage and no insta-kill from headshot while using dead eye) with "Never without one III" (way less dammage if wearing a hat + block 1 headshot). Just with these two cards you are already 3x stronger than at the beginning.
  12. It doesn't look like it, but there are plenty of things to buy. I reached lvl 100 yesterday (it goes very fast with PvP). Since the beginning i bought: - Weapons (Lancaster / shotgun / vermint rifle / 2x volcanic / springfield rifle / machete) all are upgraded - Horses (i don't remember the first i bought) , now riding with black arabian horse (the last one unlocked rank 70) + the last special saddle available - Hunting/fishing equipment: fishing rod + river/lake lures, bow&arrow - Crafting recipes (all explosive ammunition, including arrows / incendary buckshot / miracle cure) - Ability cards all upgraded to level III (slow and steedy + peak condition + never without one + winning streak) - Some fancy clothes - Permanent posse - Tons of whisky All these purchase have been made in RDO$ except for the last horse and the last saddle. Luckily i started the game early enough to get the 25 + 2x15 gift gold bars from R*. Next purchase on the list are: - A bigger camp with new theme and tents - Other crafting recipes and new weapons (i really need a sniper rifle and an automatic shotgun), even if, from my point, the lancaster and normal shotgun are way sufficient to perform in this game) - Save money for future content (i heard about proprieties and wagons that could be released soon) If you have any question on things above or if you hesitate between few items to buy, feel free to ask i can advise you.
  13. Hey there, below some tips against griefers: - Look constantly at the minimap to avoid the "surprise effect" of your attacker - Get your two best weapons easy to access and fully ready (ammo / cleaning) - If someone is tying you, use the knife in your weapon wheel, your character will automatically cut the rope (do it before getting fully tied) - At rank 41: Unlock the ability card "never without one" that allow you to block a headshot if you are wearing a hat (it will just knock off your hat but you won't loose any health point). I would normally only use that ability card only for fight modes but finally it is very helpuf even in exploration, especially with all those griefers. Typically, the story is always like this: I am in the middle of nowhere, a troll is coming to me, i wave my hand to say hello, the troll take his weapon, i say hello again, the troll aim my head, i still dont moove, and finally the troll shot. Then it becomes funny, I am still standing up and full of health, I generally do a quick dodge jump on a side and counter attack the way i want. It is very pleasant to tie and burn someone who tryed to kill you whereas you were friendly! 80% of the time they never comeback! If they do so, try a long shot distance and ride away Unfortunately, i think the best tip against griefer is to practice shotgun fights, because you are able to defend yourself pretty easily and make understand griefers you are not the right target for their level. They generally give up very quickly. Or you can still use the U.S. Marshal Service from The Coca-Cola Kid, i liked the post, very nice concept!
  14. Did you try to swim in a lake/river ? It works for me
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