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Paid my Bounty..Twice.. Still wanted...



(Story mode)
In West Elizabeth, I was wanted by the entire area, "dead or alive". My bounty was 80 dollars. I paid it and Logged off.
 Yes. I Saved my game first.

I logged in the next day, played all damn day and my bounty never went away. I paid it the day before (real life time) but the area was all still bright red and it said, "wanted dead or alive"
So I decided maybe it was just a glitch. I went back, purposely got killed (hoping to reset it or something, i don't know) and paid it off again after re-spawning. Waited all day. The area was still red and I was still shot at. 

Am i missing something? I cannot find a single damn thing about this on google or anything. Is this forever? Am i not allowed back or something? Is this just a glitch? Will it eventually go away? I'm so annoyed. Please Help. 

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