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SPOILERS: star maps/weird symbols


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Hi all, having just completed the game, and lacking the time/willpower to grind for 100%, I have looked up and found answers to many of my questions regarding certain easter eggs/mysteries.

One eludes me: perhaps two; they could tie together...

Up near Flaco Hernandez you find the frozen couple with the Panoramic Map.  I trawled around until I found the summit area of Mt Shann.  The maps in this game are sometimes deliberately misleading/ambiguous, so I'm not sure if the location has to be exact, but it seems to be a specific ledge that I found on Mt Shann. (The bottom of the map, depicting the foreground shows the outline of a ledge, hence why I do not believe it pertains to the summit area).

I know there is the UFO at the summit, but this seems to lead to something else.  Near the giant skeleton on Mt Shann is a narrow ledge that you can skirt along, leading you to a "star map" type symbol, similar to the one on the Panoramic Map itself (lines of different lengths and angles, not a map as such, more of a diagram).

I stayed there at various times etc, but nothing happened.  The place you see the UFO from is not this location, that's further towards the summit.


Now the weird thing is, there's another similar white symbol, on a tree near the Tiny Church in Lakay.  If you use Eagle Eye, there will be an orchid on a tree, between the road and the church: this tree has white symbols on it.


What do you make of the panoramic map?  have you found the symbols on Shann, or the tree in Lakay?  What do they mean?

Any info appreciated, I hate to leave mysteries unsolved.


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On 1/23/2019 at 11:29 AM, Kormath said:

search is a wonderful forum feature as there's a few threads on this map already :)

I actually did a quick search and no threads pop up for map or "strange missions". Do you know the specific threads? Might be worth linking to the OP so he can give it a bump or maybe find his answer there.

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Hi guys, thanks for the answers.

There's a couple of threads on the Panormaic Map (which I didn't realise).  No mention of the symbols.

Happy for a mod to delete this thread, as I'm done with the game now.  I just was curious and I hate no knowing answers to things like this!  So yeah, if it's possible feel free to delete this thread to tidy up a bit!


Cheers, Glenn


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