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  1. I honestly never watched it. I got roped into going to my friends tomorrow for Wrestle Mania. I guess this is the big event of the year? If anyone here knows anything about it, is there something to this that I should know to make it more enjoyable? I literally know none of the people he mentioned. I feel like I am going to end up bored out of my mind for 4 hours.
  2. Why is Target always doing these shenanigans? I feel like it is too soon for this yet. I don't think they will release it on Switch till online is out of beta testing.
  3. Damn 25k? I must have overspent. When I completed the game, at about 89% I think it was, I had just under 7 grand. lol
  4. Not much of a review but maybe my definition of one is different? Sounds like you just enjoyed the scenic aspects of the game. I think we all did. Well, some didn't. Some felt it could be better. Considering it is 2019 and it looks pretty close to being real, I would say people are asking for too much too soon. lol Go outside if you want to look at a real tree. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the game dude.
  5. You can't even swap them out? That seems strange. You would think they would allow you to do something with the spare. Heck, even allow you to sell it or something.
  6. I really wanted a giftable feature myself because I like to share with people but I can understand why they don't wanna do that. People would abuse it in all directions. It is sad we can't enjoy certain things because of a small percentage of people who would abuse it.
  7. You can't end the race? Or you can't start it? I am a bit confused by what you are saying and your title bro. A number of people have said they are having issues with the races but I am not sure if this is one of them.
  8. If the shirts are longer and not tucked in, that would make sense. Maybe it is because you made him too pear-shaped? I know when I have played other games that let you customize your character, if you make them too heavy or too thin, certain items don't fit them right anymore.
  9. I know more people who gave up on online than who still play it. A few even went back to GTA V. Why? They say they are bored. They don't say the game sucks and they do want to play it more but just not right now. Maybe this will speak to Rockstar, maybe it won't. Only time will tell.
  10. I would say there is a difference between men and adult boys. Adult boys act the way you describe. Men may get over competitive at times but they know when to tone it back. Adults boys do not. They just lose it on people. I don't know man... This isn't an issue with only this game. The game really isn't the problem either. Most players are fine but every game that has a large fanbase has these types. Just ignore em.
  11. I have only just started messing around with different attire options and I am digging this. I am going to have to play around more. How long did it take you to gather all the supplies for your outfit?
  12. I typically keep all my old gear. I have updated some stirrups though. I am waiting for the real good stuff to drop. I know they are holding out on some bomb saddles.
  13. I have spent time using both types of bait and they only seem to work in certain areas. Most places on the map, it takes a long time for anything to show up and that is if it indeed does. I think there is some kind of issue with it right now because it shouldn't work this poorly.
  14. It is just a virtual horse, not a real one so I don't see anything really sick about this considering we can shoot and kill just about anything in the game, including each other (human characters) lol Still for him to wait until you loaded on the pelt, I think he was just doing it to troll you.
  15. I only had this issue maybe once or twice since launch and I was able to back out and join and NPCs and animals were there. Hopefully, they fix this issue tomorrow for everyone who has had it going on for awhile.
  16. Yeah there is only the 2/26 update announcement. Is there DLC confirmed for this? I don't remember reading anything about it. I don't think they will hit heavy with some good DLC until the beta testing is done.
  17. I am not big on pork but that sounds really good. I think I only eat pork maybe 10 times a year. I am more of a chicken and turkey guy myself but I might have to give that recipe a try. If elmZ decides to do it too, we can compare and see who did better haha
  18. I don't know how much snow we had this year but it wasn't nearly as much. We have had more rain than anything. I find that to be more annoying in the winter because everything stays wet for so long and if the temps drop enough at night, everything is ice.
  19. It is meant to serve as an indicator. Most of the time it is down to your horse being tired or hungry, it may be injured as well. Moosh89 covered this perfectly. Be sure to give Moosh an "UP" to the left if you appreciated the answer
  20. I didn't want to make a thread for it cause I feel like it is a question that gets asked far too much but has anyone caught wind of anything pertaining to major updates for RDO yet?
  21. This was recommended to me not too long ago. Love this woman's voice. Very poetic and the dude's voice blends so well with hers. This is one of the aspects of gaming I really do appreciate. Music brings everyone together.
  22. Good eye. I have seen some mistakes on other sites. I am sure the writers appreciate when you let them know they made a mistake. I once did this on a site I was writing on. It was for a different game but I often had the community help correct small errors like this which helped out a lot.
  23. This is pretty interesting. I never was a part of a storyboard, is that what this is? Like a role-playing type deal involving actual gameplay?
  24. I actually did a quick search and no threads pop up for map or "strange missions". Do you know the specific threads? Might be worth linking to the OP so he can give it a bump or maybe find his answer there.
  25. A bit late for a guide for me but certainly one of the best ones I have seen online. I hope people make use of these chapter mission guides on the site.
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