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  1. Did you "get" the extra +1 speed/accel stats to show up with the Nacog fitted? (That's a different question than do they actually work). If a boost to accel/speed did actually work as advertised online (and I have my doubts, overall hoss performance, top speed wise, seem all very similar to me) I would be more inclined to favour that stat since hoss n me tend to fast travel or casually amble around one particular area rather than long hikes that would benefit from the totl saddle buffs to stamina etc. Irrelevant really because as already menched, I wouldn't dare put that on my horse. She would never talk to me again๐Ÿคช. Thanks for checking out the numbers though. I await your definitive Youtube tests for proof of each saddle doing what it is supposed to do with much anticipation ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  2. Several Youtube videos suggest that Nacodouchebag saddle with hooded stirrups, in actual use, is "best" and according to general stats for acceleration and top speed uniquely adds a notch for each. Whether or not these bonus speed/accel stats actually work in practice is open to debate or testing (by someone else cos idc). So I think until definitive tests are done by people that have them all, one can't really say that the older models are the only ones you should be ultimately looking at. Just saying. More colour choices though across the board...yes please. How about a nice plain ol' brown leather one that doesn't make my hoss look like lady gaga on a bad night.
  3. Sure you can. Custard/cabbage/carrot or curry vom shades and more are all available. A "subtle" not able to be seen from space design is sadly not an option though.
  4. Nacogdoches it's called. Looks like someone barfed on your horse but has exemplarary stats I think. Also available at much lower rank than other top stat saddles. Don't know or care enough to see if it's the new top dog or not as I wouldn't want to embarrass my hoss by putting that eyesore on him even if it meant he could then fly.
  5. The new king of saddles for stats is that one I can't pronounce that looks to be the equivalent, taste wise, to buying a chrome Adder in GTA. Pass.
  6. Had the "baiting" thing myself once or twice but I happily took that bait on each occasion. Why anyone would think the in-game penalties would deter me in any way from blowing their faces off whilst being unecessarily provoked I really can't imagine๐Ÿ˜‚. Whatever the individual involved may believe my reaction is going to be to being baited into a "crime" is, I wish I could inform them that all that really just happened, as far as I am concerned, was a wasted a couple of minutes of game time for both of us and yet another poor duck that has to be mercilessly hunted down sometime in my near future. As per what @The Coca-Cola Kid said, point anything at me or mine and you'll always be guaranteed a fully sanctioned from on high, fast as my ol' reflexes can arrange it, duck fat enhanced insta-boom to the face, entirely and completely free of any and all concerns regarding so called penalties I might incur after the event. Never been good with "teasers" or the like me. Some dogs will always bite. Don't "tease" is probably good advice for anyone I think. Woof woof.
  7. Couldn't and wouldn't watch more than a minute or so of that. Even then it was much more attention than that particular wee mental defective deserved. I'm certain scum like this get some kind of perverse gratification knowing that people like me think they should have been be strangled at birth. Good to know that none of his fellow partners in slime have survived being anywhere near that close to me in the last few months. I wonder if they cry as easily as they titter and giggle?. Hope so.
  8. Google search "Red dead duplication glitch". Game's probably gonna stay very broke until R* kill all the cheating scumbags out there (my preference) or get their interweb spanners out. No point playing yesterday, what with lifeless lobbies, multiple DC's etc. p.s. Don't listen to the bs spouted by R* "support" that implies that any and all problems suffered are entirely at your technical end and require you to reboot, reinitialise or otherwise fuss with stuff that worked just fine up til just now thanks very and will make no difference to anything whatsoever afterwards. Been there, done all that with GTA5 at various points in history R*. Not falling for any of it ever again. Sort ur shizzle R*. Mine's fine.
  9. Jeez, really?. Whoever woulda thunk Youtube vids could be so dishonest!. Cancelling my sub to the flat earth society channel and that trip to the secret ufo base too. Thanks for the heads up.๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Maybe I watched a misleading youtube vid then but the one I did watch recently seemed to show no practical differences in actual use between the "elite" saddles and mid tier items. Much the same then as the horses being all pretty much identical, performance wise, in actual use online.
  11. I have read elsewhere and recent experience seems to confirm that R* will arbitrarily "merge" lobbies together so that nice quiet part of the map you had carefully removed yourself to will suddenly randomly populate with all the usual loons and turn the area into a sh*t show. My normal (when I can be arsed to play these days) m.o is to fast travel from one side of the map to the other at game start for a bit of space. As of late, it seems like R*, don't want me to be out minding my own business and will within half an hour populate "my" side of the map with pewpew types. Duck hunting to maintain stocks of explosive ammo has become an almost daily requirement just to keep down the dirt that keeps turning up on my doorstep with ill intent these days.
  12. R* cut there own throats by allowing me to get explosive ammo a touch early. Only have the top tier saddles to aim for now. Tough to get motivated tbh.
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!. That would be a bit like adopting a mountain lion knowing how capable you are Rena. (and I mean that in the nicest possible way ofc๐Ÿ˜)
  14. Whether or not it is "worth the price" for you is subjective. I prefer it over the other two top tier horses I own but only because she is a better visual match for my character with both being silver haired and "wiry" ๐Ÿ˜‚. Black Arabian has comfortably the best handling, great stats and all round ability. Just a little vertically challenged for my liking. Sorry shortarse. Trotter is also great but she's much better looking than my char and makes me feel like that ugly bloke who just got lucky one night.
  15. Got a handle on how to get the online game working for you pretty well now it seems @lumper. Congrats. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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