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Arthur's second love interest thread [PART II] this time with Sadie's voice actor's two cents, thoughts on this? NDA, or? ....


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So I'm back again with the same topic but this time with a follow up as Sadie's voice actor Alex talked about the subject in question. A user on Reddit got her attention on Instagram and they had a conversation in the DM's 😏😂 people on the Reddit thread told him to ask her about Sadie x Arthur. His question;

"Alright everyone from that Reddit wants me to ask you if your character was Arthur's second love interest?"

Alex's response; "In my opinion, no. There was a deep mutual respect  and caring for one another but it wasn't sexual. I think it was incredibly refreshing for rockstar to have female character who stood on her own and wasn't reduced or sexual used as anyone's "love interest."

I find the answer super odd though because she says, "in my opinion" - though it isn't really a matter of opinion  because.... You either know if you recorded the lines or not. Unless she was in the dark about there actually being a second love interest plot, OR, the poor wording from the question being asked made her assume he was referring to the current  game. Cause she was never asked if content was cut with Sadie x Arthur.

Though maybe the answer is right in front of  us and it's the simple answer which is, 'no.' Though I do wonder, if she signed an NDA (no idea if she did or not), would she even be allowed to reveal that sort of information, and or, would she if she was directly asked?


I find this so weird though, I already written up my thread explaining all the reasons on why I think it was Sadie x Arthur. I mean she's the only character with things that weight out on her side while characters like M.B, etc, barely interact with Arthur and have no indication that there was ever a romantic plot.. It's so strange how they're so close too despite barely knowing each other just instant. 

I also can't wrap my mind around the fact that Rockstar through in things like, "Mr. Kilgore" (Rhodes), or the "honey" commentary. There are more e.g's.


- Alex said Arthur and Sadie aren't sexual after a Redditor asked if Sadie was Arthur's second love.

- Her answer is odd to me, IDK if it's cause it's poorly worded so she's basing it off the poor wording and talking about current game. Though IDK if she signed an NDA and would reveal anyway.

- What do you think?

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12 hours ago, Kormath said:

a 2nd thread on the same topic?

The other one is really long and this is one is just based off the actresses quotes so I didn't want to combine the two since the the other one is way too long.

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I think is Sadie because she became so close to arthur in shirt time....and arthur say in his journal that she was amazing or bravest or something like that. And it's not apropiate because she loved her husband and he died reciently...but with more time...and more peace....who knows? 

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