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Where’s the gold?



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How many gold bars did you buy and how many do you show you have in-game?  

The following is a Q&A answer to the dilemma you might be having:


Purchased Gold Bars not arriving in the Red Dead Online Beta

Created December 14, 2018Updated December 17, 2018

Question: I bought Gold Bars in the Red Dead Online Beta, but they haven't all arrived in-game. When will I receive them?

Answer: Delivery of Gold Bars in-game is limited to a total of 500 purchased Gold Bars at a time. Purchased Gold Bars are delivered as full stacks based on the amount purchased.

Any amount of purchased Gold Bars over 500 will be held in reserve until there is sufficient space for all of the next stack of purchased Gold Bars to be deposited.

Example: If you purchase two stacks of 350 Gold Bars at the same time, only the first stack of 350 Gold Bars will be deposited to your account, until you spend enough Gold Bars so that there is room for the next complete stack of 350 purchased Gold Bars to be deposited.

If that's not what is happening in your scenario, I would urge you to submit a trouble ticket through R*'s Support site here:


I hope this helps.

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