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[HUNTERS] Can't find Grizzly

Anne Bony

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Hello hunters,

I'm having trouble finding a particular grizzly and after so many hours spent without any luck, I decided to ask for assistance.
I found lots of grizzly all over the map, but since I love to hunt and to paint all the map with animals, there are two spots
where my grizzlies refuse to show up. I'm starting to think this got patched or something, otherwise I don't understand.

The red circle indicates the theoretical spawn area of the grizzly.
The green circle indicates the place where I actually found it in online, however never could found one in story.

The first place is near Window Rock, on Dakota River bank.
In online I always find one where I've put the green dot, it always spawns and it's actually easy to find.
In story I tried all over the place, even up on the mountain, no grizzly appears.

The second place is alongside Upper Montanta River banks.
In online I never found it where is supposed to be according guides but I always found it very near along the road.
However, in story, only black bears all the time and no grizzly.

I'm 100% sure there are grizzlies in those areas because a friend of mine found one near Window Rock in story and got it painted on his map.
I tried at all times of the day, with all baits and never shows up.
Did any of you find any of these two grizzlies? Do you remember when and how?

Thank you

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Bears are the hardest to track down. They are in those areas though, I myself have gotten a few. It just takes a long ass time. 

If you are trying by the Montana River (that is where I remember getting a few) check closer to the river and check at all points of the day. I think dusk and dawn are the best times to catch them by the water. You can also try the old gaming trick of looking for something else in the area. Usually when I stop looking for something, it shows up lol

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you can find a grizzly almost every time in this area.  save your game, go check the area, if no bear reload the game and look again.  Never failed to get my pelts and the weapon expert challenge there.

Black bears were the hard ones for me to find, 3 star black bear anyway.


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