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The Liquor Snurfs


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Are you a cheeseburger walrus? Maybe a mustard tiger? Are you looking to clean up all the criminal activity around your camp? Join up with the Liquor Snurfs. We are dedicated to bringing peace and coexistence to all inhabitants of RDR2.

If you are anSh**itot, Sh**apple, sh**tweasel, or resh**ivist who belongs in con college, please do not apply... also, if you have no clue what I’m talking about, this Posse isn’t for you...


a message from Jim Lahey, bandit camp supervisor of the year as awarded by the IABCBCSABCS... that’s the international association of bandit camps, bandit camp supervisors and assistant bandit camp supervisors.



Jim Lahey

Bandit Camp Supervisor


sorry, forgot to mention, for PS 4...

Jim Lahey,

sober enough to know what I’m doing, drunk enough to really enjoy doing it.

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