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  1. I too took a break for some time. I’ve been dabbling in it again and like what I’ve been seeing.... and the butcher even bought the two dozen or so fish I’ve been lugging around in my satchel for what must be nearly a year now...
  2. I’m not sure 100% if ammo type makes a difference also... but as a general rule, I use my regular ammo for hunting and save the specialty ammo for fighting...
  3. I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure compact optics were pretty much non-existent towards the turn of the 19th century.
  4. I guess I lied. I ditched my LeMatts for the navy revolvers some time ago.
  5. This is a ‘64, and it’s a reproduction of I’m not mistaken, but here is how a period scope would have looked...
  6. I’m sure at least some were fitted with something like a Malcolm scope for those who could afford one... though I doubt many issued rifles were fitted with one, other than maybe a few for sharpshooters...
  7. I would absolutely love to have RDR1 remastered and added onto RDR 2 as an expansion. I would buy it and play it... Hell, I might even buy a PS5 just to do it on... but most times this speculation ends up being a whole lot of nothing.
  8. The buyers refreshed.... you can wait until the next refresh and hope for a better price again. Best to try and time your batches to finish before they refresh to avoid this
  9. Explaines the free ability card tickets in my benifits tab...
  10. I’m sure there are. I’m also sure they will see improvement with time. I still have the odd issue with camps and animals. But like I said, it does seem to be getting better all the time. I’m not ready to write off the game as a lost cause yet myself.
  11. Honestly, it’s been getting better. Animal spawns may not be perfect, but Good enough I decided to finally by the hunting wagon (I’ve been putting it off was it made little sense when I could barely find enough critters to load up onto the horse). I loaded up Cripps with dead critters, got Frenchie started on a batch of shine and decided to park my wagon down by the shore and go fishing (free time was another luxury I seem to have gotten back now that I Don’t have to spend every second killing things for cripps). Hauling 5 sturgeon into the butcher at a time makes it much more relaxing... and I haven’t been fishing (in RDR) for ages. as for the weekly bonuses, I could take them or leave them. They’re definitely geared towards new players, but I did use a saddle discount to buy myself a saddle I had my eye on but have been putting off. Then again, I’m not one to grind and buy everything in sight as soon as it comes out, so I still have quite a few things to check off my long term shopping list. Over all, I do see the game improving. Maybe it’s not perfect yet, but there is definitely improvement in the last little while. I don’t feel it’s so hopeless that I need to run out and buy other games anyway.
  12. Blah blah blah... not good enough... fix the problems before doing these weekly bonuses... what about those of us who played since Beta?... blah blah blah... I think that should pretty much sum up the remainder of this weeks update thread for those who don’t keep tabs every week.... (Sorry guys, just teasing all of you. I couldn’t resist)
  13. I’m sure it has been working just fine... only 99.9% of the time when I’m running a solo delivery, any player even close to being in my way bolts like I’m one of the horsemen of the apocalypse or something... until the other day, one brave soul came and shot me. He led me on a fun chase up into these goat trails in the mountains somewhere before I got a shot at him and took my wagon back... the. Trying to escape with my goods I Accidentally fell off a cliff into a raging river... well, a gunfight took place on the banks over my scattered bags of supplies, and in the end he managed to escape with them. I tell you, it was one of the most action packed 15-20 minutes of online I myself have experienced in some time. Well worth the 50 goods even though I lost in the end. I’d gladly do it again.
  14. I have finally been robbed successfully today... I got to say, it was actually so fun I didn’t even mind loosing my stuff.
  15. I’m not sure... on PS4 it won’t let me launch online unless the updates have been installed (a pain when you have a free hour or so,want to play only to spend that free time downloading a surprise update).
  16. Well, I went straight to the latest patch and had time to play for about 20 min. I spawned in and almost instantly got a defend some stranger’s camp random event. I made my way to my camp near by killing deer, squirrels, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, skunks etc. The whole way. In a Lobby of 24 players. I didn’t have time to give it an extensive look, but my first impression is a pretty good one (I haven’t even turned the game on in the last month or so).
  17. Hmm... might actually play again if things improve
  18. It’s not all bad... LadyLiquor hasn’t gotten her bounty hunter license yet... but I agree. Some of us old timers could use a little bonus once in a while.
  19. Yes, I learned. I now have ‘Lady Liquor’ for my wife to play the odd time she is interested (though I do most of the grinding for her to have money to spend). You will need a second free Play Station account (with its own email and the whole works) but it doesn’t need to be the paid account as long as your primary account on the system is the PS Plus...
  20. On the stealing wagons and/or kidnapping... I believe the majority of those types of missions can be done with fists and lasso if you want to play an honourable outlaw type... though in some cases like the pig farmers your still likely accessory to murder (or something more vile)...
  21. Like I said, I know what you are getting at... Just saying, I think I murder more people in the roles we have now than I realistically would in a semi-realistic stage coach robbery LOL... come to think of it, in the last year Or so I’ve probably murdered more people than even lived in some territories at the turn of the century.
  22. So murdering dozens of federal agents at a time while selling illegal substances isn’t outlaw enough? LOL... yeah, I do get what you mean, I’m just bugging you. I’m sure there will be some kind of robber roles or jobs coming at some point in the future
  23. If I get around to it and it works out...
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