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Co-op Hunting Glitch which should really be a Perk


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My brother and I had the weirdest, but most awesome glitch happen yesterday for about an hour while we were hunting together in a posse. It totally revitalized the game for both of us and we hoped it was a secret perk, despite knowing it was too good to be true.

We were both using the bow and on foot, crouched tracking various animals around Lemoyne and New Hanover. We discovered that as long as we were both fairly close to each other when we skinned an animal which gives you a pelt which you can stow on your horse, it would give us BOTH the pelt. For instance, I would shoot a deer, boar, coyote, etc. and if he was standing near me (say within 15 feet), and I skinned the animal, on his screen, a second pelt would drop, visible with icon on the minimap AND in the game world rolled up on the ground which he could then pick up and stow on his horse too. Only on my screen, I could not see the second pelt or the animations of him picking it up, holding it or throwing it on his horse. The weirdest part was the EXACT SAME thing would happen vice versa - if he skinned the animal and I was nearby, I could see a second pelt drop, pick it up, and see the animations of myself picking it up, holding it and stowing it on my horse which he could not see.

Most of the time, it would give the second person a Perfect pelt, but on occasion it would give us both the same quality (If I skinned it and got a Good pelt, he got a Perfect pelt or Good pelt)

In instances where we knew we were too far apart, if I killed an animal, I would pick it up and carry it closer to where he killed one and then skin it.

We never got to try it on a Massive class animal that gives you a large pelt, like a bear, elk, moose or bison.

We absolutely LOVED this miracle and found ourselves working together more efficiently, with me spotting herds of deer with the binoculars and calling out the best candidates for kills and us planning on taking multiple targets in unison as well as flanking strategies for one of us to get a clean shot if the other one missed.

I ended up with a total of 14 pelts, a 3 star coyote carcass, 3 star turkey carcass and 2 star snake carcass on my horse and he for sure had 20 or more pelts on his horse as often I would stow on his horse too. Suddenly another player showed up and loomed over us as we peacefully hunted. I grew suspicious and jumped on my loaded horse and promptly fled to Valentine butcher, and my brother stuck around a bit too long and got murdered, losing ALL his pelts upon death. I made it safely to the butcher and GLEEFULLY sold everything I had for a nifty sum.


Later on last night I was with a friend and wondered if it would work again. The differences were that he was a different person with different internet speed, and he shot 3 wolves with a firearm. It did not work again.

Hopefully my brother and I can try to replicate this again lol



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