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Dutch's Speech notes


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So, I am in my third play through, I know long story.....

I am in chapter 2, very early on, and in camp I found a busted wagon part way over the cliff at Horseshoe over look where Karen and another girl were hanging out, I walked over to say hi, and as I was leaving I found a note on a barrel, it said, "Dutches speech notes", and it is a speech he wrote, it sounds a lot like the speech he gave in Colter, parts of it anyway.

Has anyone else played the story mode more than once and kept finding new things?

The note I hadnt seen mentioned anywhere, I am not sure who else found it, I kept it in my satchel.





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I'm on my second play and can't believe how much I missed first time round, feel like I barely touched beyond the Story, though it didn't feel it at the time. I've been trying to keep the story on hold and find myself getting annoyed when I start a mission that 'moves things on', cos I know the atmosphere back at camp, well it don't get better do it? So I wanted to keep things at Chapter 2 and now I'm at Chapter 4. Must stop doing missions... but y'know, sometimes ye want those posse rides. 🙂

So far as the note goes, nope, I'll keep an eye out for it next time, ta. 

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