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Hi Jdill,

First, welcome to the forums.  

As for forming or joining a posse, you're talking about in-game for Red Dead Online, correct? 

I'm not sure what platform you're on but for PS4 you click the left D-Pad once to bring up the "Free Roam" menu menu that will appear on the left of the screen.  One of those menu items is "Posse".  Once you click on that, it will bring up a list of all posses within the session.  You are welcome to join any that are "open" while private posses require an invite by the posse leader.  Scroll through each to see the posse honor level, status (e.g. open, closed), members in the posse, etc.  

To create a posse you go to the same Posse menu but this time use the square button to form a posse.  The action is shown in the lower right hand corner.  This will bring up another menu and at the bottom of that menu (IIRC) it will have a selection to "Form a Posse" (or something along those lines).  Click that and you're good to go.To invite other players to your posse you go to the beginning of the "Free Roam" menu and select players.  This will bring up a list of all players in your session.  If you click the R1 button once, this will show you a list of all your friends.  Ones in pink are in the session with you.  Also note that you can invite players to your session this way as well as it will show as an option.

Click on any player's name and if you have created a posse a menu item will be shown where you can "Invite to Posse".  Selecting that option will send an invite to that player.

I'm moving this to the Online subform Q&A.  Hope this helps and again, welcome to the forums.

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