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RDR2 on "The Big Bang Theory"


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So, I dont know if the Rockstar folks have an in with The producers of The Big Bang Theory, but a few years ago in an episode Sheldon was playing rdr and they showed it on screen he was drinking in a bar.

Well last night, in prime time, season 12 I think, in the episode featured RDR2!!

They only showed it for a second or two, and it was just Arthur walking in a standard load out outfit from behind, Leonard asked, why are you walking? and Sheldon replied he lost his horse, Leonard said, so just get a new one, and Sheldon replied, he wasnt over grieving for his horse that died while being struck by a train.

I thought that was very cool, to see the game featured albeit for a few seconds with a few lines of dialogue for a second time.

I cant help but think someone has an in, as the actors probably dont care about the game.

Either way it was pretty cool to see our beloved game on a prime time tv show.

Funny thing is a week or so ago I saw the re-run episode of the one where they are p;laying rdr and I said to my wife, I wonder if they will update it now that the game has a sequel/prequel and it is much better? and a week or so later Bang!! lol very cool.

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I don't know if this is part of a deal or not but I know a lot of TV shows like this, Sony and Microsoft will pay to have their system featured in the shows. If they only show the controllers or they don't show the branded controllers at all, then it is just the writers picking up on something popular. I think they know a lot of people are getting obsessed with the game so they featured it, that or one of the writers or producers loves Rockstar games.

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There was a whole episode a few years ago where Sheldon couldnt decide whether to buy the xbox one, or the ps4, he went back and forth and in the show they discussed at length the features and benefits of both, including removable hard rives, new ram types, cooling, etc.. very thorough actually, and after that they discussed gta and rdr, so who knows who paid who for what, but it is cool they talk about it on tv, in a popular show,.

they talk about lots of games and Sheldon has both I think a ps4 and xbox one, of course now who knows if they upgraded or not, lol

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