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  1. I've said this from the start. The kicking system needs to be redone because it doesn't work effectively. Like if you vote to kick someone, it just makes it harder for other players to see their rank and what not. What benefit is there to that?
  2. I never heard of this happening nor have I personally experienced it. I asked a few mates earlier when I was reading stuff on here if it happened to them and both of them said no. Maybe it is a bug that only effects a small number of people??
  3. Why not? lol Maybe I am an old fashion gamer here but if there is an option for a shotgun in the game, I will have tons of fun with it. Be it against other players, animals, or NPCs. They are just fun to use in my book.
  4. I have done a fair share of gang hideouts and I have only found a few myself and this was way back in January. I don't think I have stumbled on one since then. I get they are rare but this is ridiculous.
  5. My friends are split right now. Some play now and then, a few play daily, and the rest have moved on to other games already. I am somewhat bored of it myself as well. I take breaks. Sometimes for a day or two, other times for a week or more.
  6. elmZ

    Retirement Plans

    I really don't know. I haven't even considered that far in the future. I guess that can end up being a bad thing if I wait too long lol
  7. I just had the most amazing frozen pizza I think I have ever had and I don't know what it was called because my sister threw the box away! I was helping her clean out her garage so she made pizza for us to eat for dinner. The boxes ended up under piles of trash. I almost cried.
  8. I suck at cooking anything. I want to get better at it just so I can get off of eating fast food and frozen meals. Anyone got some easy recipes suited for like a 12 year old (I am not 12 but I have the kitchen skills of a 12 year old LOL!)??
  9. LOL I actually like snow, but only when I don't have to drive to work or walk somewhere in it. When I can sit at home and play some video games, it is nice to see outside. As for a saying like rain rain go away... How about, snow snow, f***off! hahaha So many people here hate the snow.
  10. There is more to the game after that but that is the end of that mission. Depending on what else you have done, just search around a bit.
  11. I don't remember having an issue. Have you tried finding a video on YouTube showing someone else doing what you are trying to do? It doesn't sound like a glitch or anything.
  12. I don't know if this is part of a deal or not but I know a lot of TV shows like this, Sony and Microsoft will pay to have their system featured in the shows. If they only show the controllers or they don't show the branded controllers at all, then it is just the writers picking up on something popular. I think they know a lot of people are getting obsessed with the game so they featured it, that or one of the writers or producers loves Rockstar games.
  13. Sometimes these "pockets" grow though as a result of people getting fed up. Like a domino effect. I don't care for this but I understand why it happens. I am all for allowing people to play the game the way they enjoy since they paid for it but if your sole enjoyment of the game comes from harassing others, you need to be banned.
  14. The visual look of it and being able to see what happened before RDR1. I wanted to know what shaped John into what he was so I really enjoyed that part. I won't say much more because of spoilers but that was the main selling points for me.
  15. Find some missions that you don't mind doing several times that give decent XP rewards. Just grind on them for a while. You will be surprised how quickly you can rank up with a few hour session doing this.
  16. The way the game functions is a means to make use of NPC sellers so anytime you are looking for something new that is available, always check the shops.
  17. I had a dude that chased after me today. Apparently, I got in the way of his shot as I wasn't really paying attention to some random hanging out in a bush. I didn't mute him right away. He kept after me shouting crap. I was ready to report him but I wanted to make sure he said or did something worth reporting. He got pissed off cause I kept telling him to calm down and chill out, then my body came over and started laughing. He told us both to kill ourselves. He then proceeded to call my friend the N-word multiple times. Little did he know my buddy was recording. We reported the dude and he sent the footage to Rockstar. Toxic players like this do not deserve to be part of online communities. They should have their own server where they can only play with themselves and their friends, that is it.
  18. I noticed I will have some issues with some games related to "packet loss" or whatever else but other games are fine. This means it isn't my internet but the server. They are having some kind of issue and they don't know where it is. You should give them an idea of your location and your provider tower location. Maybe they can pinpoint an issuer with nearby servers or something.
  19. Just ignore these places. Read the headline and then find someone you can trust be it on YouTube or on their own website. Unbiased reporters will seek the truth no matter what their political affiliation is. I noticed the news going down the drain around 2012 but I am sure it happened before this. It is just a mess of political crap now.
  20. Metal Gear Solid 2, Mortal Kombat 9, Black Ops 2. I list these games because I spent a ton of time playing them. MGS 2 I must have played through 10+ times. MK9 was when I didn't have a job so I spent hours playing that game with friends online. BO2 same thing.
  21. Yeah there is nothing from them on this so something went wrong with your account. Just give Rockstar a heads up and see if they can sort it out for ya!
  22. No need to argue. It looks like you may have made a mistake with the purchase OP. If you need to clarify something, just contact Rockstar. They been being decent at getting back to people. They might help you with a response.
  23. Happened to me 2 times. Such a pain. I was getting disconnected a bit last night. I think 4 or 5 times. Then a few days ago I couldn't play more than maybe 10 min without getting kicked.
  24. I will have to check this out tonight. I am still exploring a lot of the map myself so I am sure there is a lot I am missing out on.
  25. I had to report a few guys doing this too. The one's name was ***** something. They should make it where when you report a player, the game will avoid putting you in the same lobby as them again. I ran into these guys 3 times in less than a week.
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