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After update - what remains on horse after...



I'm very confused as to what, if any, items remain on one's horse after certain events

Last night, I was killed in free roam (by a blue blip might I add! LOL) and only some of my items remained on my horse.  I had two ducks on the side of my horse that were missing after but the pelts remained and a carcass was still on the back.  Also, after walking a fair distance away from my horse it seemed that when I whistled for him (he came form a complete different location than where I left him), I was missing items.

I do not understand what might be considered a bug or an expected result.

Do we know what persists on one's horse after the following events:

- Being killed in free roam

- Horse being killed in free roam

- Horse respawns after being separated from it by distance

- Going into a stable

- Joining someone's posse on a different server

- Joining and completing a story/stranger mission

- Being disconnected

- Joining and leaving a PvP game mode (showdown, races, etc)

Any other events that I've missed?  Feel free to add.

I just want to know what to expect so that i don't report bugs that are not bugs...just undocumented features! 😉

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I noticed this Friday night. I got off my horse and was running on foot to do some hunting. When I whistled for my horse to come back to me, the items I put on the horse 15 minutes prior were nowhere to be found. I mentioned this to someone I game with and he said he thinks they end up at the camp but I didn't bother to confirm this. 

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