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  1. ^^^ I agree...well said. I went from a 'holy smokes, these graphic look awesome' to a 'meh...looks nice'. The game has lost some of its beauty and lustre...and it now looks at tad bit drab and muddy. I really didn't think it would be much of a hit... but it does change the way I feel about the game now. I'm all about visual candy. It's pretty equal to gameplay for me.
  2. I'm guessing that it will be either a timed competition or first-to-catch a limit type of thing...or both.
  3. I used to eat two pieces of meat a game-day before the last update. Then I got fat! Now I pretty much eat like a bird and nothing gets me below being overweight. I'm wondering if it's more of a glitch with the status, though. If I look at my core draining rates, they seem to be ok for the most part.
  4. I can confirm that I received the same response from R* a few days ago.
  5. Yes, this game is not an easy one to simply jump in and play. No instructions and everyone plays differently. Kind of like life, huh? 😉 There is somewhat of a "paying your dues" concept to this game. When you don't have any way to battle the top guys, you either die or you find ways to mitigate the risks of running into baddies. It's part of "growing up" in this game until your character and you gain the necessary experience. It's part of the ride! Try to enjoy it and not fret about it. Acceptance is much easier! I watch the radar very closely. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be aware in this game. Even blue dots are your enemies until they've passed. The daily challenges make it this way. I have a shoot first mentality if the blue dot looks remotely suspicious. That's not for everyone, though. But, I'd rather stand my ground than be chased from it. Don't sweat dying. Being griefed is one thing and I agree, that's no fun. But dying is going to happen and the penalty for doing so is really not that much. You've obviously died in COD...same thing. Not a big deal. Hope it gets a little more fun for you.
  6. Yes, I agree. I like seeing many different weather events/conditions when I sit down to play for a couple of hours.
  7. I witnessed this being done in Valentine last night. I videoed the exploiter doing it and then reported him to R*. I then proceeded to shoot him and make his exploiting and little more challenging. He was not playing the game as it was intended...so I figured all rules of engagement should be thrown out, too. Made him work for his cougar pelts.
  8. Since the update dropped, I am overweight. I barely eat anything, run around a lot, increase all my cores by rest...and I'm still fat! Don't know what to do! They need to implement a Weight Watchers in this game.
  9. I guess at this point, I'd fall under #1. I like doing the challenges, too. I would prefer to have more PvP in free roam...just not sure how that should be structured in order to account for the way other people want to play. I'm not a big fan of the way the current PvP game modes are set up.
  10. I'm very confused as to what, if any, items remain on one's horse after certain events Last night, I was killed in free roam (by a blue blip might I add! LOL) and only some of my items remained on my horse. I had two ducks on the side of my horse that were missing after but the pelts remained and a carcass was still on the back. Also, after walking a fair distance away from my horse it seemed that when I whistled for him (he came form a complete different location than where I left him), I was missing items. I do not understand what might be considered a bug or an expected result. Do we know what persists on one's horse after the following events: - Being killed in free roam - Horse being killed in free roam - Horse respawns after being separated from it by distance - Going into a stable - Joining someone's posse on a different server - Joining and completing a story/stranger mission - Being disconnected - Joining and leaving a PvP game mode (showdown, races, etc) Any other events that I've missed? Feel free to add. I just want to know what to expect so that i don't report bugs that are not bugs...just undocumented features! 😉
  11. I bet you the number is pretty low...at least the number of well articulated suggestions. If R* is only relying on comments on their website, they might want to re-think their strategy. They need people to be scouring the internet (reddit and fan sites) looking for common complaints and recommendations. They did not need to set up that feedback system as a much better one already exists. I would scrap the feedback system and simply spend the time on the internet. There's a ton of brutally honest opinions right at the very fingertips.
  12. I would think that R* would employ some type of routing software that would ensure servers fill up rather than having partial ones running. Even if the numbers had decreased, I'm sure it's not in their best interest to have it appear that way to you and I.
  13. No, I've played online games for many years. I'm part of a large community of gamers that have played online together since Xbox Live came out. This is the first game I've played like this where I did not initially understand what the purpose was. I just jumped in and started figuring stuff out. It was not clear to me why I was "grinding" but I did so (that sounds wrong! LOL). The essence of the game, for me, started to reveal itself as I began to rank up. I really enjoy RDR2 because of the western feel. That's where the GTA game loses me.
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