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I can't find this dead eye answer!



Hi everyone - first post as I'm so confused, and can't find the answer.  When does dead eye reveal vital parts of the target?  Honestly, search results on Google are useless - with most stating that there are 5 levels of dead eye.  Well, I'm level 7 (of 8, I thought) and I would have thought I'd have almost everything.

I'm playing in story mode - just entered Saint Denis (Chapter 4), if that has any relevance.  Second question: is there anywhere that explains exactly what extra benefits happen for each dead eye/health/stamina core LEVEL, apart from minutes before it expires?


Thank you very much, in advance.

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Special Dead Eye features are enabled as part of story missions, you've probably seen these notifications pop up during Chapters 1 and 2.

The next level will come in Chapter 4 ("Banking, the old American Art"), Chapter 5 ("Fleeting Joy"), and Chapter 6 ("Goodbye Old Friend").

You'll have to wait until Chapter 5 to have the fatal areas highlighted.

Your health/stamina/dead eye outer rings are just that - you get increasing amounts of them as you add more to the outer ring.  There's no additional features.

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Ohhh...So the valarian root, buying premium cigarettes - that just increases the core to a maximum of level 8, and in terms of abilities whilst using dead eye, there are 5 levels, and it's story-progress-dependent.

You're a rockstar 🙂

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