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  1. I'm using a Benq 4K 32" monitor for working at home. My one is capped at 60Hz, but it does support HDR and has good contrast. I've been happy with it.
  2. To reset the spawning, I used to manually save, exit the game completely, and then go back in. For the Rio Grande Turkey, I just followed a youtube video about the location and got it fairly easily. A few of the owls I found difficult. But not as painful as collecting all of the herbs.
  3. I had completely forgotten about the parakeets- I guess I must have killed some as I earned the trophy.
  4. Carolina Parakeets are native to the Bayou. Their herbivorous diet consists of shrubs, seeds and fruit from forest trees. A Bow and Small Game Arrows can take down these small birds. Their carcasses can be sold to traders. A Carolina Parakeet Carcass can be sold to traders Yields a carcass and exotic bird meat. Used in crafting and cooking or can be sold. Use a Bow with a Small Game Arrow for a clean kill. Red Dead Redemption 2 All Animal Locations (Zoologist & Skin Deep) (powerpyx.com)
  5. I don't think that's going to work out for you - I strongly suspect that you'll need to log into the PlayStation Network in order for you to place RDO. I'm not sure what your concerns are about Sony's privacy policy, but it's likely that out of the 1!0+ million users, Sony isn't really interested in you. If you could describe what concerns you have, we might be able to answer them - although there are probably more informed experts on other forums.
  6. I've moved this to the Online section of the forum as the hunter's wagon is only for RDO. Hopefully you'll get answers here.
  7. This game got a whole lot better on PS5 - bumping the frame rate to 60Hz really transforms how it plays and looks - so much smoother.
  8. Any time during the epilogue or after. I unfogged the map before the end of the story and completed the compendium after the story completed.
  9. And now you celebrate that by slaughtering a turkey....
  10. And to everyone else. But I'm British, so you don't need to include me!
  11. Eagle picket up hedgehog, plane scared eagle at 2000ft, eagle dropped hedgehog, which then hit the plane.
  12. The comment here is "Allan Forbes1 week ago "Please state relative bearing" "I think it was the mother" As soon as you said your mate hit a hedgehog at 2000ft, all the Red Dead 2 players knew how it got there." This isn't a reference to hedgehogs in RDR2, I believe it's just a comment on things in general flying (glitching) into the air in RDR2 (just search "RDR2 flying glitch" or similar).
  13. I really don't mean to be dismissive of your concerns re privacy, but Sony's privacy policy isn't that different to Microsoft's, your ISP, or any other large corporation. I'd hazard a guess that you're implicitly accepting the terms of laxer privacy policies in your every day life on the internet. I don't use PS+ simply because of the cost involved and the fact that the content isn't as good as Microsoft's Game Pass.
  14. It would really help to take a screen capture of the error and tell us your hardware configuration.
  15. I guess some folks will have their new consoles by now, but I have to wait until next Thursday. I read that the new console cuts a minute off the load times, so that's good already. I was hoping that Rockstar would release a performance patch to get the full 60Hz, but I don't think that's going to be the case - all they've done is confirm backward compatibility and hyped the "Enhanced" GTAV.
  16. Yeah, it's possible that some of those badly optimised games might well look awful in a much faster way rather than the added performance magically fixing the graphical issues.
  17. Ouch. I guess I was pretty lucky. Then again, it's going to be a year or so until you see some really good games on it. Personally, I'm looking forward to the faster loading times and smoother framerates.
  18. Yeah, I saw a bit of co-op play on YouTube and it looks a ton of fun.
  19. They don't need to be enemies for this challenge - anyone will do. The guides often advise to target gang members so that your honor level isn't affected.
  20. You'll need to play Red Dead Redemption - the first game for those tasks. RDR2 is the prequel to the game that came out in 2010. However, that was on PS3 and Xbox 360 - I don't believe they were remastered for the current generation. See the Red Dead Redemption Wiki for more information regarding the game and plot-points.
  21. You don't need to - "American Venom" is the final story mission of the game. You can now carry on with the side quests and collectibles.
  22. I think Harry is surprised that Rockstar didn't accurately model the curvature of the Earth. Buying a curved monitor may help here.
  23. The good thing is that there's going to be customisable side panels for sale (or you can just spray the stock white ones I guess). Mine will probably be hiding away somewhat behind my TV console so won't stand out like a giant white thumb. The party chat thing doesn't bother me (I have no friends on the PSN and don't really do online stuff). On Xbox, it was good to compare my achievements with my friends and pass a few messages, but that was about it. I'm of the age and upbringing where I don't cuss at people online (people can cuss at me, but that's their problem). I just finished my first play-through of TLOU2 - just need to play through a second time to pick up the last two trophies - I might do that on the PS5. I recall seeing mention in a YouTube somewhere that game developers hid stage loading in cut-scenes or lift journeys. It's going to be interesting to see how games use cut-scenes or whether they'll allow the players to go keep on playing. Hopefully, we won't get too many more 30 second lift scenes any more (or 30 seconds of grunting a stuck door).
  24. I seem to remember that I got this at hanging dog as well, I sniped one of the guys on the water tower from across the valley. The description doesn't mention "enemy", so any NPC should do as well. Perhaps try another location, like the hill above Valentine or St Denis.
  25. You should be able to go back to the location after an in-game day or so and resume the hunt again. The clues and the animal should respawn.
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