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Best sound setting for in game dialogue and sounds


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Hi, just a quick question and please point me to any previous thread where this has been answered if so.

Since changing to a newer TV I have noticed that in game dialogue and some sounds with characters fades to almost inaudible unless they are right by your side or you aren't directly facing them. The impression I get is that if you had surround sound speakers the setting might work because it seems to be based on your positioning in relation to people etc.

I have the same issue with GTA5 so I'm wondering if it's Rockstar or my PS4's default audio setting or my TV setting causing the issue (no issue with no R* games however) .  Consequently I am playing the game with subtitles on which I am personally not a fan of but it's the only way I don't miss out on important dialogue.

Can anyone advise? Thanks, G.

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I think you'll need to look at the sound settings on your console to make sure that the speakers are set to be the TV speakers and not a surround sound system.

It's possible that the console or your TV thinks that there's more speakers than there actually are.  Spending a few minutes playing with the settings in the PS4 and TV should sort this out.

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