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Lone Gunslinger looking for a Posse


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"Gunslinger" might be too strong of a word, I'm a lucky shot at best, but I've finally caved and decided to go looking for a posse.
Been riding solo pretty much since the beta's release. It's fine and all but it can get boring and tedious, especially when you find yourself outgunned by a full posse of griefers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no threat to other players, I spend all my time in free roam, I'm here for PvE, not to go after anyone- but I will chase down a griefer or two if they decided to camp around the butcher for fun while I'm just trying to grind out a bit of money.

I'm a level 49, play on PS4, and I've tried riding with a few other posse's in the past, but just didn't really click with an of them. Granted, I'm not the most talkative, but my headset does have a mic and my vc is always on, I'm open to chatting if the energy in the group is fun, just in my past experiences it's been awkward or impossible to get a word in.

I'm not a daily player just due to my current schedule, but around Thursday, through the weekend is when I get to hop back on and play.
I would love to just find a cool bunch to ride around the west with!!

Find me on PSN!!
PSN: ToxicLass

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Hello there ! We have all adult posse recruiting gunslingers right now. If interested please apply on Arthur's Angels thread with your age please. Very friendly , and mature.  We are honorable with a couple outlaws in the mix. We do it all , PvP , pve , story missions , fishing , farming for xp ,   we train our new ones to show them what we know about this game and how to succeed in PvP. Thanks for your time. 

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