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New Austin and Arthur Help (Spoilers)


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As most of you know throughout the game, Arthur will be unable to travel to New Austin without being gunned down. Only by playing as John in the Epilogue can the player explore New Austin without fear of instant death. Atleast thats how it was supposed to go. 

Several versions ago there was a glitch in which the Chapter 4 Mission "Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor" could be used to access New Austin early as Arthur with basically no restrictions, besides not being allowed in towns. This glitch was amazing in that it allowed Arthur to complete many challenges that allow him gear that before only John could wear. There was also dinosaur bones and fish in New Austin that Arthur could catch and quest lines that normally John would have to complete. 

As soon as I beat my first play through and restarted, I knew I had to get my platinum with most everything done by my boy, Arthur. I love John, but Arthur grew on me lot more, even after RDR1. 


Only Issue is, the glitch was patched. There still exists ways for Arthur to enter New Austin, but with far less freedom, severally limiting completion as Arthur. As I don't expect any new glitches to be found, especially with RDO updates rolling out to quash them, I had a question. Does anyone know if RDR2 will play newer version save data on an old version of the game.

What Im suggesting is saving my current RDR2 progress to the PSN cloud and deleting my digital copy of RDR2 in favor of a physical one (You can't delete patches separately on digital copies). From there I would refuse to update the game in order to get all the things I want with Arthur in New Austin. Does anyone know if these version 1.07 saves will work on version 1.00? I recall reading a reddit thread in which a player played a 1.03 version file on 1.00, but 1.07 is a bigger gap. Anyone have an experience or knowledge on this? 

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