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Can someone please help get 4 outfits on the horse



So I just would like to know how to save 4 or 5 outfits to my horse and wardrobe.

My wardrobe page says 4 of 5 saved on your horse, or 3 of 5 saved to your horse, etc..

But I cant seem to save even 4, I can get 4 on my horse but the 4th isnt saved so if I change to another then leave and come back it is gone.

I want to be able to save 4 outfits so they are always there.

How do I save 4 outfits to my horse?

Thanks for any help.

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You can only save 3 custom made outfits (outfits that you create yourself)  to your horse cargo. In addition to those, you can also save 2 pre-made outfits (complete outfits that you buy from the catalogue) if you have the "upgraded saddle bags."

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