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[SOLVED] RDR2 Companion App Sign in Error (Android)


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I get the attached error upon trying to sign in to Social Club through the RDR2 Companion app. I have checked for new updates and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the application but still does not fix it.

My phone is a Sony Xperia XZ2 (note my PlayStation theme haha). I'm going to submit this as a ticket through Rockstar Support but I need to wait 2.5 more hours.

It worked fine before (as in when the Online beta launched) It has been doing this same error for several weeks now.



Support advised me to unlink my PSN (or Xbox if you have it) from my Social Club account. They assured me there would be no data loss. Re-link your gaming account and it should act as a work around. 

How to Unlink: https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/115014414188/Unlinking-an-account-from-Social-Club

They also said to go into my phones Settings > Applications > (my extra step: Storage) > Clear Cache. 


I did these both and it didn't work, still had the same error when trying to sign in... 

I instead chose "Clear Storage" and now it works! 

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